Cryo Cure and Holland Green Science Announce Manufacturing and Global Distribution Partnership

Cryo Cure and Holland Green Science Announce Manufacturing and Global Distribution Partnership

After the successful debut of its highly-anticipated CC-Micro freeze-drying machine for home and craft growers, Cryo Cure is proud to share that it’s partnering with extraction equipment manufacturer Holland Green Science to produce more units and distribute them on an international scale. The cannabis extraction equipment provider, based in the Netherlands with a North American headquarters in Chicago, will manufacture Cryo Cure’s CC-Micro machine, designed for home and craft growers to bring Cryo Cure technology to smaller harvests. 

Why did Holland Green Science and Cryo Cure partner?

Cryo Cure is the company behind Live Resin Flower, which balances the flavorful and potent experience for which live resin extracts are known without affecting smokable flower’s integrity. Cryo Cure machines skip the hang drying phase and produce ready-to-smoke product in as little as 11 hours. Unlike standard freeze dryers, Cryo Cure machines dial in the right ratio of time, temperature, and pressure to preserve flower at the height of freshness. This stabilizes terpene profiles and cannabinoid levels while ensuring the flower is easy for consumers to break apart and use.

Michael Urosev, co-founder and CEO of Holland Green Science, described Cryo Cure as “a real innovator and risk taker” in the cannabis industry.

“I want to partner with companies that disrupt markets and challenge the established norms that we have in the cannabis industry, and Cryo Cure is… blazing a whole new territory in our market,” said Urosev. “The leaders of Cryo Cure think outside the box and have created an entirely new product category as a result. Simply put, Cryo Cure is synonymous with quality, freeze-dried flower.”

Tracee McAfee, CEO of Cryo Cure, said Holland Green Science’s global reach, deep cannabis knowledge, and commitment to product quality make them an ideal partner for the company.

“Holland Green Science is not only known for meeting international standards for safety and compliance, which is essential in our industry, but they are a truly global company with an established presence in cannabis markets around the world,” said McAfee. “Their international reach and careful diligence to quality make them a perfect partner to expand our reach to home growers and craft growers in the U.S., Europe, South America, and more territories.”

The move to the CC-Micro

Since its founding in 2018, Cryo Cure has manufactured large freeze drying units best suited for commercial grows. With the launch of the CC-Micro in May 2023, the company expanded its reach to home, hobbyist, and craft growers, successfully distilling Cryo Cure’s patented technology into a footprint less than three feet wide. The initial run of CC-Micro machines was met with great enthusiasm, selling out within weeks of launch. 

“It’s been my goal to bring Cryo Cure to home growers and craft growers since our earliest days, and it took years of research and development to adapt our process to a smaller size at an affordable price,” McAfee said. “I am delighted to see that there’s so much demand, that we can pursue global reach with a world-class manufacturing and distribution partner.”

“Even with Cryo Cure’s success on a larger scale, Tracee and Greg [Baughman, Cryo Cure president and Head of Cultivation] never forgot about the home grower and the craft grower,” Urosev added. “Both us at Holland Green Science and Cryo Cure want large companies and the regular guy down the block alike to process cannabis safely and effectively. With the CC-Micro, Cryo Cure is one step closer to its goal of bringing their technology to cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.”

About the CC-Micro cannabis freeze drying at home unit

The CC-Micro holds approximately 1 to 2 wet pounds of cannabis, depending on the cultivar. Each machine is pre-programmed with Cryo Cure’s patented “recipe” for drying and curing flower, as well as recipes to make hash. The dry cycle time lasts around 11 to 16 hours. Machines come with 5-tray configurations, with 9-tray configurations available. Outside of cannabis, the CC-Micro can be used to freeze-dry fruits, vegetables, and other products. 

How to pre-order the CC Micro

Cryo Cure is accepting pre-orders for the CC-Micro. The machines are available to ship throughout North America, South America, Europe, and select countries in Africa and Asia. Visit the CC Micro page to learn more about the machine and fill out the pre-order form.

Live Cured Flower: A Disruptive New Retail Category of Smokable Cannabis

Live Cured Flower: A Disruptive New Retail Category of Smokable Cannabis

This content was updated to reflect the product name change to Live Cured Flower.

When it comes to smokable flower, quality is king. And for the best quality available, there’s nothing like Live Cured Flower.

At Cryo Cure, we have perfected and patented a process for producing fresh from the farm live resin cannabis flower unlike anything else in the U.S. and global cannabis market. Our unique process consistently delivers top-shelf quality every time. What makes this “Live Cured Flower” stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out.

What is Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower?

Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower is driving a brand-new category of smokable flower. This flower is preserved in as fresh a state as possible. While freezing flower to extract live resin isn’t a new concept, creating a smokable flower from the same technology is an emerging category, driven by Cryo Cure’s globally-patented methodology. Simply put: You can’t get much closer to the “fresh from the farm” feeling as you can with Live Cured Flower.

Where did the term Live Cured Flower come from?

The term “Live Cured Flower” combines the flavorful and potent experience you’d get from extract sourced from frozen flower while still enjoying the experience of smokable flower. That’s because Cryo Cure’s process goes beyond simple freeze drying to retain all those cannabinoids and terpenes live resin is famous for preserving.

Our patented process stabilizes all those compounds, yes, but it also retains the integrity of the smokable flower by locking in the perfect moisture content level – not too dry as to make it impossible to handle, and not too damp as to inhibit mold or mildew growth. Our smokable flower features the best of both of these worlds; it’s a flower of impeccable quality that preserves flavor and potency at the height of freshness.

How does Live Cured Flower work?

The main goal with Live Cured Flower is to preserve natural resin at its peak, maximizing flower quality and supporting an unparalleled consumer experience. Fresh preservation of cannabis helps to keep trichomes fully intact, maintaining the resin inside as close to its “live” state as possible.

Freezing cannabis directly following harvest eliminates the traditional process of hang drying, a weeks-long period in which cannabinoids and terpenes are exposed to the elements and begin to degrade. Cryo Cure reduces the drying time to 11 to 14 hours. And unlike other freeze drying methods that leave the flower dry as dust and deprived of its terpenes, Cryo Cure never needs to be rehydrated.

The result is Live Cured Flower with higher cannabinoid and terpene content. You can tell the difference just by looking at it: Live Cured Flower is vibrant in color, with no shrinkage, and smells just like a fresh growing plant, with none of the “grassy” smell or taste.

What is Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower used for?

Some of the most common applications for this flower include:

Smoking or vaping

You can treat our Live Cured Flower just like other top shelf flower. Not only does Cryo Cure’s have undeniable shelf appeal, but consumers notice the difference from the get-go. For rollers or people who vape, Live Cured Flower offers a discerning experience unlike anything else they’ve tried before.

Live Cured Flower contains rich terpene profiles for an unforgettably flavorful and aromatic session. Labs have found elusive monoterpenes in this flower, terpenes that normally evaporate off at room temperatures. One example, Delta-3 Carene, has been studied for its impact on bone health.

Along with monoterpenes, Live Cured Flower preserves cannabinoids in their acidic state before they’re converted into active cannabinoids. High levels of THC-A, CBD-A, and CBG-A, just to name a few, can be found in Live Cured Flower.

And most importantly, Live Cured Flower makes for a smooth smoking experience. It breaks apart nicely, making it ideal for packing a bowl or rolling a joint with ease. There’s no grinder necessary, either – the flower is soft enough to come apart with your hands without losing its integrity. Just be sure to store it properly, away from heat and light. There’s no need to freeze, refrigerate, or “rehydrate” Live Cured Flower – all it needs is a cool, dark storage spot in a sealed container.


Live Cured Flower can be used to produce live resin extract without the use of chilling material columns or using cold solvent. This saves processors the costs of using expensive chillers while seeing production increases of up to 500%. The starting material never leaves the cold chain process until the point of extraction leaving the resulting crude to have the same properties of fresh frozen extract.

Extractors can create all sorts of concentrates from Live Cured Flower, not just live resin. Cryo Cured flower is regularly used to create diamonds and other types of concentrates, used in edibles, to create tinctures, and much more.

Characteristics of Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower

Cryo Cure produces the first and only Live Cured Flower, known for its bright appearance, potent aroma, and robust flavors. Characteristics of Live Cured Flower include:

  • Appearance: Color, size, and shape are typically the easiest ways to differentiate premium cannabis flower like Live Cured Flower from standard options. Live Cured Flower is generally known for its glistening, frosty coating of trichomes, too.
  • Scent: Our Live Cured Flower offers a strong, fresh scent that’s much more alluring than traditionally cured cannabis, which can lose some of its smell as terpenes evaporate off during the hang-drying process. Formulated with terpene protection in mind, the Cryo Cure process preserves significant terpene content, the driver behind the smell and flavor of any cultivar.
  • Texture: Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower offers a texture that’s not too dry, retaining just the right level of moisture to make it easy to work with without encouraging molds and mildews. While traditional cannabis flower may range in consistency, premium cannabis flower will generally be sticky and spongy but still dry enough to produce a “snap” when broken apart.
  • Consumption experience: The smooth smoke – with no grassy taste – is unlike any other flower out there. But it’s not just how it feels, but the consumption experience itself. By stabilizing the curing process, Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower offers a rush of therapeutic cannabinoids and a bounty of terpenes that are full of flavor. The process even preserves rare and fragile terpenes not found in other flower.

Live Cured Flower from Cryo Cure

Cryo Cure is proud to have perfected our patented process to manufacture premium Live Cured Flower. In addition to cutting the time and hassle of drying and curing, Cryo Cure can yield the same results every time, making it reliable and suitable for a standardized process and consistency. A quality grow can reach new heights when it undergoes the Cryo Cure process.

From the smell to the taste to the feel, Cryo Cure is shaping not just a new tier of smokable flower, but new categories that expand what we know and appreciate about cannabis. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you harvest vibrant and aromatic Live Cured Flower.

The Science Behind Couch Lock

The Science Behind Couch Lock

In popular culture, the typical “stoner” is usually portrayed as someone who’s so high, surrounded by snacks and empty wrappers, and unable to leave the confines of their couch. So potent is the cannabis they consume that their inability to get up and do something with the rest of their day borders on helplessness. While that’s an unfortunate representation of cannabis consumers that has roots in long-running anti-cannabis propaganda, it’s a real phenomenon commonly known as “couch lock.”

What is couch lock?

You know couch lock if you’ve seen or experienced it. If you’ve ever enjoyed some cannabis and were suddenly hit with a heavy body high that left you convinced that you’d never leave your seat, then you’ve experienced couch lock. For many people, this experience makes your extremities feel way heavier than normal, and you may feel lethargic as well. While it may be enjoyable, it can often mean the premature end to your day or evening.

Since this type of extremely relaxing high is something that consumers will either want to actively avoid or want to experience for themselves, it’s something that you as a cultivator will want to keep in mind. And while many will swear that indica cultivars high in delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are to blame for couch lock, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to suggest that to be the case, nor is there any evidence that sativa cultivars are less likely to cause it. Yet if you’re searching for the culprit behind couch lock, you’ll need an analytical lab.

Why does couch lock occur?

To solely put the blame on indica cultivars versus sativa cultivars would be missing a major point. Cannabis is a particularly complex plant and it owes a lot of that complexity to the myriad of active compounds that provide the desired psychoactive and physical effects. The phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that exist within cannabis can affect people in different ways, and that distinction is way more important than simply labeling a cultivar an indica, sativa, or hybrid between the two

Due to the lack of any consistent cannabis research over the years, scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint one particular compound as the exact trigger for couch lock. Some believe myrcene to be a main contributing factor because of its sedative qualities. However, testing at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam found some cultivars with high concentrations of myrcene never caused couch lock. Other terpenes like linalool could also be a factor, but we at Cryo Cure are of the mindset that THC degradation could be a better indicator.

THC degradation and couch lock

As cannabis gets older or is improperly stored, it does more than lose its aroma and taste. Over time, the main psychoactive compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) breaks down. In truth, THC’s degradation begins the moment the cannabis flower is removed from the main plant. As it dries, cures, and is shipped to dispensaries, the THC content in cannabis continues to break down over time. THC degradation is further influence by improper storage conditions, too high moisture content that can fuel cannabis-destroying contaminant growth, and too low moisture content that makes for a brittle and less potent product.

You can see these changes on your cannabis flower The milky white trichomes that can be seen glistening on high quality cannabis flower are full of THC. Over time, though, those trichomes change color to a more amber-like hue. That’s your visual cue that THC has broken down and transformed into an entirely different phytocannabinoid—cannabinol (CBN). This change from THC to CBN is also related to the disruption of cannabinoid biosynthetic pathways, which is how phytocannabinoids and terpenes naturally become other compounds.

Most commonly known for its relaxation-inducing properties, CBN is theorized to be the actual cause of couch lock. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that researchers have been looking into CBN as a potential sleep aid.

While THC degradation is an inevitability, that doesn’t mean that it has to happen quickly. By properly controlling the temperature, humidity, air, and light levels while storing your cannabis, you can at least slow down the degradation of your THC so you can enjoy it for a longer period.

How Cryo Cure beats couch lock

There are few factors that influence flower freshness. Time is one of the biggest obstacles: The longer the time between harvest and sale, the more likely it is that THC degrades. But that doesn’t mean corners can be cut during processing; drying and curing are essential for controlling flower moisture content and subsequentially stabilizing THC content.

This is where Cryo Cured flower reigns supreme. Our patent-pending process applies the right temperature, time, and pressure to each harvest so the resulting flower’s THC levels are less likely to degrade into CBN.

Not only does that result in a much shorter drying and curing process – one that’s as short as 12 hours – but it means that the moisture content clocks in at precise, correct levels to ensure freshness and potency. It’s a win-win on all counts: For cultivators, a more potent product reaches market in days instead of weeks; for consumers, that’s a flower rich in stabilized THC content that has yet to degrade into couch lock-inducing CBN. The result is a more euphoric and energizing cannabis experience.

Cryo Cure can curb the couch

While couch lock is still a phenomenon we don’t fully understand, we do know that CBN plays some part. Preventing THC from degrading into CBN in the first place is one of the best ways to ensure that your cannabis experience won’t result in couch lock. With Cryo Cure, not only will your cannabis stay fresher longer, but its THC content will remain intact, especially when stored properly.

Want to learn more about how Cryo Cure can work for you? Check out our FAQ.

What is a Euphoric High?

What is a Euphoric High?

There’s a cannabis cultivar or product out there for any experience, whether to relax, focus, or simply feel great. How you feel after consuming cannabis is determined by so many factors, chief among them being how the phytocannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). And that experience is shaped by what you’re consuming.

If you’re looking for an overall good time and general feeling of well-being, then you’re going to want to find a cannabis product powered by Cryo Cure known for delivering a euphoric high. Here, we’ll break down how a euphoric high feels and what products are best for this kind of experience.

What is a euphoric high?

Experiencing a euphoric high means feeling a great sense of elation, where bouts of laughter and a heightened appreciation for things like music and food are commonplace. A euphoric high may make you feel more creative, or you may feel like your pain and worries have been lifted from your shoulders. A euphoric high can set you up for a great day or night.

While the end goal may be to experience a euphoric high, it should be noted that your experience with cannabis is extremely variable. Your body composition, your mental state, the receptors in your brain that interact with THC, and so many other factors affect how you react to cannabis. And that’s all without going into the specifics of each cultivar out there, each with their own unique compositions that change how they interact with your body. So it’s best to go slow and keep a close watch on how you’re feeling as you go for that euphoric high.

How can your high be euphoric?

While a euphoric high is simply a feeling you get after consuming certain cannabis cultivars and products, it’s more than a basic change in your mood. To get to that point, multiple things needed to take place to get your mind and body in that state, thanks in large part to the chemical composition of the cultivar you enjoyed. To help better understand what impacts your high, and how that high may be a euphoric one, we’ve broken it down below.

THC and the “bliss molecule”

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two most studied phytocannabinoids in cannabis. They influence your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a role in regulating multiple systems and organs. They do so by fitting into (in THC’s case) or affecting the shape of (in CBD’s case) receptors in this system. With more than 100 phytocannabinoids known so far in cannabis, this is a bit of a simplified explanation, but it’s enough to help you visualize what’s happening when cannabis enters your system.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam discovered in the early 1990s that THC mirrors an endocannabinoid produced by the body called anandamide. This molecule is produced by your body, interacts with your ECS when needed, and are recycled and called into action once again when needed. Dubbed the “bliss molecule” at discovery, anandamide is associated with a heightened sense of happiness and with other feelings like dulling pain. Thus, it makes sense to closely link THC to the effects the “bliss molecule” has on your brain and body.

The right ratio of THC and CBD

THC and CBD complement one another. Consume too much THC, and you may feel too high. Consume high CBD, and you may not feel high at all. That’s because CBD balances out the effects of THC. Finding the right balance for you, based on your experience with cannabis and your own body composition, can support a euphoric high.

Terpenes add to your “entourage”

Along with the plant’s phytocannabinoids, the flower’s terpene content plays a significant role in shaping your session. Terpenes affect the flower’s taste and smell profiles. Around 200 terpenes have been found in cannabis plants, many of which evaporate and disappear before the flower makes it home with you. Terpenes like myrcene, pinene, and beta-carophyllene are among the most prevalent, each of which has its own purported benefits and effects when consumed. And while that’s all well and good, scientists also theorize that terpenes can work in tandem with phytocannabinoids like THC to create what’s called the “entourage effect.”

The absence of CBN

Cannabinol (CBN) is a minor phytocannabinoid that comes from the degradation of THC. As cannabis flower ages or otherwise destabilizes, its fragile THC content turns into CBN. This change can be observed visually: the milky-white trichomes that coat the outside of the flower turn into an amber brown once THC begins to degrade.

CBN is most associated with relaxation and sleep, so much so that CBN is often cited as a go-to phytocannabinoid for helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. A cultivar high in CBN or older flower that’s had time to degrade won’t support a euphoric experience. In fact, it may cause quite the opposite.

Euphoric high vs. couch lock: What’s the difference?

“Couch lock” is the term used to describe a heavy body high that keeps you planted in your seat. If you’re experiencing couch lock, you may find it difficult to be active, preferring to relax at home over going out. That’s the precise opposite effect of a euphoric high, and one that’s a likely result of THC’s degradation into CBN.

Cryo Cure supports a euphoric high

If a euphoric high is something you want to experience, or something your customers are interested in trying, you need to start with flower with low to no CBN content. That’s where Cryo Cure comes into play.

Our patent-pending process stabilizes THCA content, using the right combination of time, temperature, and pressure to maximize the preservation of all the compounds found in cannabis. The plant’s fragile trichomes, where most phytocannabinoid and terpene content can be found, aren’t lost during the Cryo Cure process. Unlike other freeze-dried flower that brings moisture content too low and makes for fragile trichomes, our flower is perfectly preserved for a flavorful, rich, and yes – euphoric – experience.

6 Ways Cryo Cure Beats Freeze Dried Weed

6 Ways Cryo Cure Beats Freeze Dried Weed

Freeze dried cannabis – you may have seen it on your most recent dispensary trip. This unique way to dry and cure cannabis boasts several advantages: It stays fresher for longer, it’s smooth when inhaled, and the fluffy buds have an undeniable visual appeal.

It’s all true. But not all freeze dried cannabis is the same.

For all its purported benefits, freeze dried weed has its fair share of setbacks. The reason for these setbacks is the amount of moisture freeze dryers remove from cannabis: The ultra-low moisture content may be great for apples, beef jerky, or wedding bouquets, but those same low figures destroy the integrity of the cannabis flower.

Not so with Cryo Cure. By dialing in the perfect balance of temperature, time, and pressure, moisture content is stabilized at ideal levels to preserve the flower’s properties. The result is everything freeze dried flower wishes it could be, and more. Keep reading for five ways Cryo Cure stands apart.

6 reasons why the Cryo Cure experience is unique

Simply put, Cryo Cured flower offers a more flavorful and cerebral experience that engages all five of your senses. Here’s how:

1. The THC doesn’t degrade

Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol, or called THC for short in most cases, is the most well-known compound in cannabis. Contained in abundance in many cultivars, THC is one of the (many) drivers behind how a certain cultivar makes you feel, including the famous euphoric feeling you get from cannabis. But THC doesn’t always stay THC for long: This phytocannabinoid degrades into Cannabinol (CBN) over time. CBN is the result of THC’s exposure to oxygen, light, and temperature fluctuations, as well as time. This compound can feel heavy and sedative, also called “couch lock.”

The Cryo Cure process staves off THC degradation by preserving the THC-A content of the plant. THC-A, short for Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is the precursor to THC. Once you turn on your vaporizer or light up your joint, THC’s acidic form converts into the active form that interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and shapes your cannabis session. Preserving this content helps prevent THC from sliding into CBN.

2. Preserved trichomes make for a more potent session

Cannabis makes you feel the way it does is because of the phytocannabinoid and terpene content it contains. Most of the plant’s phytocannabinoid and terpene content is stored in its trichomes, which are the tiny, glistening structures that line the outside of the bud. To the naked eye, they look like small milky white hairs that make your bud look “frosty.” In fact, if THC degrades into CBN, the trichomes turn from that milky white to an amber brown.

Trichomes are also extremely fragile. They can easily fall off the plant, and all that potency goes along with it. That’s why “kief” is so potent: It’s mostly made up of trichomes that fell off the flower. Losing trichomes reduces the overall potency, aroma, and flavor profile of your cannabis. The moisture content of freeze dried flower is simply too low to hold onto the fragile trichomes, which means a less enjoyable experience overall. Cryo Cured cannabis retains most of its trichome content, shaping a cannabis experience much closer to what nature intended.

3. The terpene profile is unbeatable

As you consume your cannabis, you can smell and taste the terpenes that our machines were designed to keep on your flower. You even get to enjoy rare, unheard-of cannabis terpenes that can only be experienced with Cryo Cured cannabis.

Cryo Cured flower’s terpene profile is unbeatable for two reasons. The first is related to the trichome preservation discussed earlier in this blog. More intact trichomes means more terpenes. The second is how the Cryo Cure process doesn’t give terpenes a chance to evaporate. Because Cryo Cured flower goes from stalk to smoke in as little as 12 hours, that takes days and weeks off the processing time during which most terpenes evaporate. Freezing also keeps temperatures low enough that terpenes don’t have the chance to evaporate.

4. It’s easy to break apart – but not too soft

Cannabis so good, you don’t even need a grinder. We tell our customers to “be kind, don’t grind” because our cannabis doesn’t need to go through the harsh, gnashing teeth of a metal grinder. All you need to do is pick apart the bud over a rolling tray and place it into your chosen consumption method.

If you’ve ever tried to break apart regular freeze dried flower, you know that this task is much easier said than done. The ultra-low moisture content means that, more often than not, freeze dried cannabis turns to dust in your hands. Cryo Cured flower retains anywhere between 8% and 12% moisture content, which stands in stark contrast to the 1% that traditional freeze dryers tend to extract. And those few percentage points make all the difference when getting ready for your next cannabis session with Cryo Cure.

5. Stays fresher for longer

Cannabis shelf life is influenced by two important factors: how it’s treated after harvest and how you store it when you get home. Product quality is at the basis of it all: The less product-damaging moisture in the flower, the less likely the flower develops issues that contaminate it or make it stale. Cryo Cured flower has been shown to stay fresh for at least a year after purchase if stored in the proper conditions.

6. Cryo Cure has undeniable “fresh from the plant” appeal

Cryo Cure’s undeniable visual appeal is the first thing you’ll notice. Vibrant hues, large buds, glistening trichomes – the “fresh from the plant” feeling is unmistakable. And these impressive visuals don’t diminish over time; Cryo Cured flower looks the same a year from purchase as it does the first day it makes its way into the package, as long as it’s kept out of the light and in an airtight container.

And that’s just how it looks! Cryo Cure’s beautiful aroma and memorable flavors are simply unmatched with freeze dried flower, which turn out too dull, bland, and even odorless in the most extreme cases.

There’s no substitute for Cryo Cure

Freeze dried cannabis is nowhere near the quality and experience offered with Cryo Cured flower. Aromatic, flavorful, potent, and euphoric, Cryo Cure’s patented process doesn’t just zap out moisture and call it a day. By dialing in to the perfect measurement of time, temperature, and pressure, Cryo Cured flower retains all the compounds without diminishing the sensory aspect. The result is an incredible, singular cannabis experience you’ll want to turn to time and again. So next time you head to the dispensary, look for the Cryo Cured seal – it means you’re in for an unforgettable treat.

The Senses of Cryo Cure: How Our Cannabis Flower Stands Apart

The Senses of Cryo Cure: How Our Cannabis Flower Stands Apart

Cannabis and hemp flower that has gone through the Cryo Cure process truly needs to be experienced to fully understand why it stands head and shoulders above traditionally dried and cured flower. Sure, “Cryo Cured” flower is ready for the dispensary shelf in a fraction of the time, and the process stabilizes trichomes and terpenes in a way that no other method can match, but those microscopic changes aren’t the only ones to note. The finished flower differs in every sense, quite literally. Here’s how.

How Cryo Cure stands out, sense by sense

Cryo Cure’s founding mission is to preserve the cannabis flower in as close to fresh a state as possible. Thanks to our patent-pending process anchored in freeze drying, our “live resin” flower preserves cannabis (including hemp) at the height of freshness. Those differences are not just felt while consuming, but they’re experienced visually, through touch, by smell, and by taste.

Cryo Cured flower appears bright and beautiful

Consumers and industry professionals alike first take note of the visual differences between Cryo Cured flower and traditionally dried and cured cannabis or hemp flower. Immediately, the colors are brighter and more vibrant than any traditional cure. The tiny trichomes create a visible frosty coating of glistening white, promising an aromatic and potent experience before the flower even leaves the jar. The freeze-drying process makes the flower appear larger, too, as the process results in fluffier buds than traditionally dried and cured cannabis. The result is a natural curiosity from customers who want to experience Cryo Cure on looks alone.

Cryo Cured flower smells fresh and vibrant

If you ever recall a musty scent from traditional cannabis, you won’t experience that with Cryo Cure. Our process brings flower down to its ideal moisture content, eliminating any lingering wetness that can cause a strange or undesirable smell.

It’s not just bad smells that aren’t present – it’s what you do smell that makes Cryo Cure such a transformative experience. Our process preserves terpenes better than any other drying and curing method available, so your nose experiences the floral notes, citrusy pangs, and woodsy earthiness as nature intended.

Cryo Cured flower tastes better than traditional dried and cured cannabis

Terpenes don’t just impact Cryo Cured cannabis smell – they shape its flavor as well. Terpenes begin to degrade immediately once cannabis is harvested. This process is accelerated by heat and time. The traditional drying and curing process simply takes up more valuable time – time during which terpenes continue to evaporate off the plant. By stabilizing terpenes at ultra-low temperatures and trimming weeks off the cannabis drying and curing process, Cryo Cured flower naturally boasts more terpenes. (This makes Cryo Cure particularly valuable for terpene harvesting as well, as our machines can be set up to collect any terpenes that may evaporate off during the process.)

The result is Cryo Cured flower that’s rich in aromatic and flavorful terpenes – even terpenes that cannot be found in other kinds of flower. Our terpene preservation process is so thorough, that we even retain trace amounts of monoterpenes that quite literally cannot be found anywhere else. View our lab tests to see the results for yourself!

Cryo Cured cannabis and hemp feels unlike any other flower

When you pick up Cryo Cured flower, you’ll notice that it feels light, fluffy, and less dense than traditional flower. That’s due to our perfected freeze drying process that holds onto just enough moisture content while reaping all the benefits of freeze drying cannabis.

Yes, there’s such a thing as too little moisture content in cannabis or hemp flower, and you can tell right away just by picking it up. If it crumbles or turns to dust in your hand, that means it’s too dry and brittle to support the smooth, flavorful, and aromatic smoke you’re hoping for.

For years, freeze drying eluded many growers because it brought moisture content to too low a percentage to result in a good final product. By fine-tuning the freeze drying process to stabilize moisture content between 8% and 12%, Cryo Cure flower boasts all the benefits of freeze dried cannabis while leaving the ultra-dry plant material behind.

Exploring Cryo Cured flower is an unforgettable journey