Cannabis and hemp flower that has gone through the Cryo Cure process truly needs to be experienced to fully understand why it stands head and shoulders above traditionally dried and cured flower. Sure, “Cryo Cured” flower is ready for the dispensary shelf in a fraction of the time, and the process stabilizes trichomes and terpenes in a way that no other method can match, but those microscopic changes aren’t the only ones to note. The finished flower differs in every sense, quite literally. Here’s how.

How Cryo Cure stands out, sense by sense

Cryo Cure’s founding mission is to preserve the cannabis flower in as close to fresh a state as possible. Thanks to our patent-pending process anchored in freeze drying, our “live resin” flower preserves cannabis (including hemp) at the height of freshness. Those differences are not just felt while consuming, but they’re experienced visually, through touch, by smell, and by taste.

Cryo Cured flower appears bright and beautiful

Consumers and industry professionals alike first take note of the visual differences between Cryo Cured flower and traditionally dried and cured cannabis or hemp flower. Immediately, the colors are brighter and more vibrant than any traditional cure. The tiny trichomes create a visible frosty coating of glistening white, promising an aromatic and potent experience before the flower even leaves the jar. The freeze-drying process makes the flower appear larger, too, as the process results in fluffier buds than traditionally dried and cured cannabis. The result is a natural curiosity from customers who want to experience Cryo Cure on looks alone.

Cryo Cured flower smells fresh and vibrant

If you ever recall a musty scent from traditional cannabis, you won’t experience that with Cryo Cure. Our process brings flower down to its ideal moisture content, eliminating any lingering wetness that can cause a strange or undesirable smell.

It’s not just bad smells that aren’t present – it’s what you do smell that makes Cryo Cure such a transformative experience. Our process preserves terpenes better than any other drying and curing method available, so your nose experiences the floral notes, citrusy pangs, and woodsy earthiness as nature intended.

Cryo Cured flower tastes better than traditional dried and cured cannabis

Terpenes don’t just impact Cryo Cured cannabis smell – they shape its flavor as well. Terpenes begin to degrade immediately once cannabis is harvested. This process is accelerated by heat and time. The traditional drying and curing process simply takes up more valuable time – time during which terpenes continue to evaporate off the plant. By stabilizing terpenes at ultra-low temperatures and trimming weeks off the cannabis drying and curing process, Cryo Cured flower naturally boasts more terpenes. (This makes Cryo Cure particularly valuable for terpene harvesting as well, as our machines can be set up to collect any terpenes that may evaporate off during the process.)

The result is Cryo Cured flower that’s rich in aromatic and flavorful terpenes – even terpenes that cannot be found in other kinds of flower. Our terpene preservation process is so thorough, that we even retain trace amounts of monoterpenes that quite literally cannot be found anywhere else. View our lab tests to see the results for yourself!

Cryo Cured cannabis and hemp feels unlike any other flower

When you pick up Cryo Cured flower, you’ll notice that it feels light, fluffy, and less dense than traditional flower. That’s due to our perfected freeze drying process that holds onto just enough moisture content while reaping all the benefits of freeze drying cannabis.

Yes, there’s such a thing as too little moisture content in cannabis or hemp flower, and you can tell right away just by picking it up. If it crumbles or turns to dust in your hand, that means it’s too dry and brittle to support the smooth, flavorful, and aromatic smoke you’re hoping for.

For years, freeze drying eluded many growers because it brought moisture content to too low a percentage to result in a good final product. By fine-tuning the freeze drying process to stabilize moisture content between 8% and 12%, Cryo Cure flower boasts all the benefits of freeze dried cannabis while leaving the ultra-dry plant material behind.

Exploring Cryo Cured flower is an unforgettable journey