This content was updated to reflect a change in the product’s name to Live Cured Flower.

New to Live Cured Flower? There’s no better time than the present to see why industry pioneers and everyday smokers alike have only the highest praise for this revolutionary cannabis.

Don’t just take our word for it: See what cannabis lovers from all walks of life had to say when they got their hands on Live Resin Flower for the first time. We brought Live Cured Flower to Las Vegas during MJBizCon 2022 and showed our industry what this flower is all about. The reviews are in, and the consensus is clear — Live Cured Flower is in a class of its own!

Here’s what more than a dozen reviewers had to say about Live Cured Flower:

The flavors are unmatched to traditionally dried and cured flower

One of the first things the people we met noticed about our Live Cured Flower is its wonderful aroma. That’s because this flower is preserved at the height of freshness, stabilizing terpene levels that conventionally dried and cured flower can’t match. Even the rarest of terpenes can be found in Live Cured Flower!

“The terps are terpin,” said farmer and artist Roger Sterling Coleman as he unscrewed the Live Cured Flower jar for the first time. “It’s smooth, it’s a little citrusy, it’s super rich, but airy as well. Super sweet, ‘sweet cream’ kind of vibe.”

The favoritism of flavor didn’t stop there. Other high praise for Live Cured Flower’s scent included:

“I always think the best weed should taste good, and it shouldn’t taste like the basement. This is not the basement,” said legendary Detroit rapper and producer Trick Trick.

“Wow, this tastes delicious. You know what’s so impressive is that you get that full-body taste right off the bat. Not only that, I can taste it and smell it. It makes my mouth water,” said Kym Byrnes, co-founder of TribeTokes.

“It tastes like actual fruit, that’s like candy right there,” said Cam Jennings.

“It’s crisp and fresh and tastes like I’m back in high school,” noted Emily Wells.

The smoke is smoother than other flower

Consistently smooth hits come up time and again as one of the most noteworthy aspects of Live Cured Flower. It makes inhaling a pleasant and comfortable experience for even the most sensitive consumers.

Self-proclaimed “notorious cougher,” Stu Zakim, noted the smoothness of Cryo Cured cannabis.

“(The fact) that I can talk after taking a hit of this stuff makes it really unique to me,” Zakim said.

Others, like Caleb Gilmore, shouted out the smoothness of Cryo Cured cannabis.

“It’s like a really smooth bong rip but better,” Gilmore said. “It’s crazy smooth, actually, Cryo Cure makes delicious smooth-hitting weed.”

Live Cured Flower boasts unmatched potency

The potency of terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis plays a massive role in the resulting consumption experience. With traditional drying and curing, it’s inevitable that the cannabinoid and terpene content will degrade — the clock starts ticking the moment the flower is harvested. Not so with Live Cured Flower! Thanks to the process patented by Cryo Cure, drying and curing time is cut to as little as 11 hours, all while stabilizing the plant’s resin content. As a result, Live Cured Flower has little to no cannabinoid and terpene degradation.

Reviewers like Adam Scott Green found Cryo Cure’s potency especially notable. 

“Every single time, I want to smoke something like this,” Green said. “It’s absolutely smooth, the terps come through; just like you smell it [is how] it tastes. This is fire, this is what you want.”

The critical acclaim didn’t stop there. Happy Munkey Co-Founder Vladimir Bautista gave Live Cured Flower top billing.

“This is what we like to call ZaZa in New York,” Bautista said. “Cryo Cure, I’m rocking with you.” 

The visuals and textures are unlike anything our reviewers have seen

There’s no shrinkage with Live Cured Flower! The colas are as large as they are the day they’re harvested. And that’s the kind of visual that’s destined to leave an unforgettable first impression.

Dabstars founder Jonah Tacoma was most impressed with the beautiful shape and taste of the Cryo Cure buds. 

“What I really like about Cryo Cure Cannabis is that it preserves all the aesthetic that you see when you first harvest, and you’re all excited,” he stated. “But instead of shriveling down and losing 60% of that body mass, it retains that shape and that taste.” 

Another common theme was Live Cured Flower’s texture and colors, which reviewers described as “bright and fabulous.”

“This is beautiful, this is like, absolutely Grade A cannabis, it does not get more premium or better than this,” Green said.

“It’s really frosty, it doesn’t look like weed that would be as frosty as it was, it looks really light and fluffy but it’s actually kind of dense at the same time,” Jennings added.

Cannabis and psychedelics journalist Rachelle Gordon credited Live Cured Flower for its unique appearance and texture, as well as its ability to retain its vibrant hues even after being smoked.

“This is the sugariest nug I’ve seen in a minute,” Gordon said. “The trichomes are just so bright, it’s so fluffy. This seems fresh, like it could have been cured yesterday, and the color is still so bright even though it’s halfway charred,” she added as she sampled Live Cured Flower.

You can skip the grinder — yes, we mean it!

Another common theme among our reviewers is how easy Live Cured Flower is to handle. More than once, we heard people describe the flower as “grinder free cannabis” due to how easy it is to break apart with your hands. And Cryo Cure’s founders agree: This flower is best taken apart by hand, before the teeth of a grinder can tear through it.

“It’s really easy to break up, probably with your fingers, no grinder necessary,” said Kathryn Awada. 

“You don’t even need a grinder with this flower!” Zakim added.

How is Live Cured Flower produced?

Live Cured Flower is possible thanks to Cryo Cure, the company behind a patented technology that dries and cures flower in as little as 11 hours, depending on the cultivar. By perfecting a precise time, temperature, and pressure ratio, our founders developed a system that solved the pitfalls of traditional freeze drying, a long-touted but never perfected (until now!) modality for drying and curing cannabis. 

In the words of Rachelle Gordon, “Cryo Cure is seriously an innovative technology. If it’s out here making bud like this, you know it’s a big, big deal.”

Curious about how Cryo Cure works? Read our guide to how Cryo Cure machines work, and peruse our FAQ to learn even more about the “why” behind Live Cured Flower.

The reviews are in – Live Cured Flower is the next big thing in cannabis!

Cryo Cure is proud to provide consistent, high-quality premium cannabis flower to consumers in markets across the U.S. To find out when Live Cured Flower is coming to a dispensary near you, follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn for the latest updates!