How Cryo Cure Works


Cryo Cure’s patent-pending cannabis drying and curing process gives harvested cannabis that “fresh from the farm” feeling, preserving the color, smell, and texture lost during the typical weekslong curing process. By skipping the hanging drying process, “Cryo Cured” cannabis evades human error that could ruin a harvest, increasing yield while delivering product to retail shelves faster than ever before in the cannabis industry.

How does the Cryo Cure cannabis curing machine work?

Step 01


The first step in the Cryo Cure process is to freeze the cannabis or industrial hemp to -20 to -30 degrees Fahrenheit for no less than 10 hours to preserve the shape and integrity. Select Cryo Cure models have a built-in freezer for this purpose, or you can use a separate freezer that’s the right size and specifications for sub-critical temperatures.

Step 02

Vacuum Pressure

The now-frozen product is placed into the material chamber under vacuum pressure in order to facilitate sublimation.

Step 03


Sublimation is a process during which a solid is turned into a gas, skipping the liquid stage in between. Controlled radiant heat is applied during this process, converting the frozen moisture in the product directly into vapor.

Step 04


The vapor is condensed back into a solid and collected in the ice bank.

Step 05


The ice in the ice bank is melted and drained from the ice bank in the form of a hydrosol liquid. Any terpenes lost in the sublimation process can be reclaimed from the hydrosol to be used in other processed products such as vape pens and oils.

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