From Stalk To Smoke In As Little As 11 Hours

Cryo Cure Cannabis Difference

Indisputable THC, terpene, trichome and flavor preservation

Trichomes do not warp, shrink or break in the Cryo Cure cannabis machine. The final flower has an awe-inspiring look and feel. The aroma is powerful and the flavor is unforgettable, thanks to the high levels of retained terpenes.

Prevent THC-A degradation

The Cryo Cure process preserves and stabilizes THC-A, so the final product has lower levels of Delta-9 THC and CBN. As a result, the cured cannabis produces a euphoric, creative and energetic effect. The consumption experience is smooth and light, a surprising delight to all who try it!

Presets for smokable hemp and cannabis flower

When you work with Cryo Cure’s patented technology, you get the perfected recipes that ensure flower comes out of the machine ready to use with each run. There’s no reinventing the wheel or experimenting with your own harvest: We’ve done all the fine-tuning for you. Multiple settings support whatever you plan to do with Cryo Cure, whether you plan to sell the flower as a smokable product or extract phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

Increase cannabis and hemp extraction yields

With our pre-programmed Cryo Cure “processing” setting, moisture levels in flower and trim can be quickly reduced to between 1 and 2 percent. This results in significantly higher yields for BHO, DHO, CO2 and ethanol extraction methods; plus, solvent-free extracted and infused products have an improved terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Perfect moisture content minimized mold and mildew

Cryo Cure’s precisely-controlled moisture levels prevent oxidation and prohibits the growth of harvest-ruining mold and mildew, while also preventing the spread of bud rot after harvest. Our machines don’t completely eliminate moisture; instead, they use the right balance of time, temperature, and pressure to bring moisture to optimal levels. These settings cure smokable hemp and cannabis flower to a target moisture content of 8% to 12%. For extraction, the moisture content is lowered for maximum results.

Seeing is Believing.

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How Cryo Cure Works

The weekslong drying and curing process can leave your flower susceptible to degradation and mold. Even the most tightly-controlled environments cannot completely prevent these devastating issues.

Cryo Cure’s cannabis and hemp machines utilize patented freeze drying technology to remove the desired amount of moisture from flower or trim, eliminating many of the risks faced by cultivators and processors. The results are perfectly preserved flowers with no shrinkage, intensified color and flavor, and stabilized THC, terpenes and trichomes- in less than a day.

Award Winning Cannabis

We are proud to receive prestigious honors that recognize our innovative, patented cannabis drying process.

2021 Sustainable Leadership Award

2023 Innovation in Sustainable Technology

2022 Best Equipment/Drying & Curing

2022 Product of the Year

2023 Environmental Impact Award

The Original. The Only.

Cryo Cure owns the patented technology that locks in the perfect moisture content for vibrant, potent, and terpene-rich flower you can’t get anywhere else. We work with our partners to ensure customers know they’re obtaining authentic Cryo Cured product, including authorized use of our branding.

Endorsed by Cannabis Cultivation Pioneers

Cryo Cure influences the influencers. Learn what the most respected names in cannabis cultivation have to say about our machines.

{Once I tried Cryo Cure, I was amazed. This technology has serious implications for the cannabis industry. This is a disruptive thing for our industry. Experience Cryo Cure… and you’ll be a believer like me.{
-Danny Danko
Senior Cultivation Editor, High Times magazine
{The quality and the feel of the cannabis is just amazing. I am thoroughly impressed. All the trichomes, the flavors, and the terpenes are fully intact. I recommend Cryo Cure for your cannabis drying needs.{
-Rick Naya
Legendary cannabis breeder and advocate
{Cryo Cure is a revolution in curing technology that keeps terpenes, trichomes and THC content more intact than any other process.{
-Ed Rosenthal
The Guru of Ganja
{Cryo Cure is the holy grail of cannabis.{
Tony K.
{The result is GREAT - First time I have not coughed in years!{
Thomas M.
{Cryo Cure is the Tesla of curing cannabis.{

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