Cryo Cure In the press

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Tech Cannabis Leaders

In honor of International Women’s Day 2023, three pioneering founders of women-owned tech companies share their thoughts on gender equality and the intersection of women, cannabis and technology.

See, Taste, and Touch the Difference with Cryo Cure Cannabis

Cannabis Now covered the patented technology behind Cryo Cure. Learn why they said “in a market of good weed, Cryo Cure will make yours stand out for being great.”

Cryo Cure CEO Tracee McAfee Featured in Authority Magazine

Tracee was profiled on Authority Magazine as part of a series on tackling leadership in a new career.

Cryo Cure’s Newly Awarded Patent on Green Market Report

Green Market Report included Cryo Cure’s patent news on The Daily Hit, Feb. 2, 2022.

Cryo Cure Has Been Issued Their Patent

The revolutionary drying and curing process is now officially patented, setting apart Cryo Cure from other freeze dried methods on the market.

Cryo Cure CEO on FemCity

Cryo Cure CEO Tracee McAfee shares her goals for 2022.

Improving Cultivation Through Innovation: Cryo Cure on The Future of Growth

Tracee and Greg from Cryo Cure join Agrify Chief Science Officer David Kessler on The Future of Growth podcast. The discussion covers the importance of cultivation consistency, solving long-standing cultivation issues, and the value of saving space in the grow room.

Cryo Cure: A Quality Driven Method To An End

Cannabis journalist and beverages expert Warren Bobrow reviews Cryo Cure for Skunk Magazine, calling it disruptive, truly unique, and pleasurable.

Cryo Cure wins Innovation in Sustainable Technology award from Cannabis & Tech Today

C&TT calls Cryo Cure “will save countless kilowatt hours as well as other natural resources which might have been wasted on improperly cured crops.

Cryo Cure on GrowCast: Freeze Drying Cannabis & Preserving Trichomes

Tracee and Greg from Cryo Cure appear on GrowCast to dive into the science behind freeze drying cannabis, where it falls short, and how Cryo Cure perfected the process.

Cryo Cure featured in Skunk Magazine

Cryo Cure’s patent-pending technology is taking the cannabis world by storm. Read about how Cryo Cure’s founders perfected the freeze drying process for cannabis.

Cryo Cure on the Grow Bud Yourself podcast

Danny Danko interviews Tracee McAfee and Greg Baughman about the benefits of “freeze drying” cannabis flowers and how the process works to reduce harvest time, prevent mold and bud rot, as well as preserve terpenes & cannabinoids.

From Stalk to Smoke in 24 Hours

Cannabis & Tech Today interviews Tracee McAfee and Greg Baughman to learn how Cryo Cure came to be.

Cryo Cure in The Marijuana Grower’s Handbook

Cryo Cure has made history! We’re now a part of Ed Rosenthal’s most recent update to The Marijuana Grower’s Handbook. Get your copy today — and check out the Harvest section to see Cryo Cured flower on display!

Cryo Cure with Danny Danko and Ed Rosenthal on In The Weeds

Cryo Cure President Greg Baughman and CEO Tracee McAfee sit down with one of the first cannabis talk radio shows on the FCC airways

Cryo Cure Founders on the Happy Munkey Potcast

President Greg Baughman and CEO Tracee McAfee join Happy Munkey Potcast hosts Vlad and Ramon for the podcast’s first sit-down with a cultivator. Tracee and Greg talk about cultivar vs. strain, what’s on the horizon for the cannabis industry, and much more

Cryocure’s “Freeze Dried” Cannabis Flower in Arkansas

Arkansas Marijuana Card gives a breakdown on what Cryo Cure Cannabis  is,  what the benefits are, and what you need to know about the latest product to hit the Arkansas medical marijuana market.

Cryo Cure Leadership Appears on Trailblazin’ with Tara Misu

Hear from President Greg Baughman and CEO Tracee McAfee as they share how they developed Cryo Cure with Trailblazin’ host Tara Misu

Cryo Cure Spotted in the New York Post

Spotted in the New York Post: perfectly dried and cured Cryo Cure cannabis!

Cryo Cure on Health Europa: How Cryo Cure Perfected Its Process

Cryo Cure CEO Tracee McAfee recounts the process of discovering and perfecting Cryo Cure’s proprietary cannabis drying and curing process.

Cryo Cure on Digital Trends: Industrializing Cannabis Processing

Joining Digital Trends from Cryo Cure, CEO Tracee McAfee and President Greg Baughman talk about cannabis processing, and how Cryo Cure is helping expand yields beyond shelf life.

Farm to freezer: Why ‘fresh-frozen’ is taking over the cannabis harvest

Cryo Cure CEO Tracee McAfee discusses the benefits of freezing cannabis in place of traditional curing and drying processes.

Cryo Cure on The Adam Dunn Show

Greg Baughman and Tracee McAfee discuss the story behind Cryo Cure and how it works on The Adam Dunn Show.