Live Resin Flower: A Disruptive New Retail Category of Smokable Cannabis

Live Resin Flower: A Disruptive New Retail Category of Smokable Cannabis

When it comes to smokable flower, quality is king. And for the best quality available, there’s nothing like Live Resin Flower.

At Cryo Cure, we have perfected and patented a process for producing fresh from the farm live resin cannabis flower unlike anything else in the U.S. and global cannabis market. Our unique process consistently delivers top-shelf quality every time. What makes this “Live Resin Flower” stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out.

What is Cryo Cure’s Live Resin Flower?

Cryo Cure’s Live Resin Flower is driving a brand-new category of smokable flower. This flower is preserved in as fresh a state as possible. While freezing flower to extract live resin isn’t a new concept, creating a smokable flower from the same technology is an emerging category, driven by Cryo Cure’s patented methodology. Simply put: You can’t get much closer to the “fresh from the farm” feeling as you can with Live Resin Flower.

Where did the term Live Resin Flower come from?

The term “Live Resin Flower” combines the flavorful and potent experience you’d get from extract sourced from frozen flower while still enjoying the experience of smokable flower. That’s because Cryo Cure’s process goes beyond simple freeze drying to retain all those cannabinoids and terpenes live resin is famous for preserving.

Our patented process stabilizes all those compounds, yes, but it also retains the integrity of the smokable flower by locking in the perfect moisture content level – not too dry as to make it impossible to handle, and not too damp as to inhibit mold or mildew growth. Our smokable flower features the best of both of these worlds; it’s a flower of impeccable quality that preserves flavor and potency at the height of freshness.

How does Live Resin Flower work?

The main goal with Live Resin Flower is to preserve natural resin at its peak, maximizing flower quality and supporting an unparalleled consumer experience. Fresh preservation of cannabis helps to keep trichomes fully intact, maintaining the resin inside as close to its “live” state as possible.

Freezing cannabis directly following harvest eliminates the traditional process of hang drying, a weeks-long period in which cannabinoids and terpenes are exposed to the elements and begin to degrade. Cryo Cure reduces the drying time to 11 to 14 hours. And unlike other freeze drying methods that leave the flower dry as dust and deprived of its terpenes, Cryo Cure never needs to be rehydrated.

The result is Live Resin Flower with higher cannabinoid and terpene content. You can tell the difference just by looking at it: Live Resin Flower is vibrant in color, with no shrinkage, and smells just like a fresh growing plant, with none of the “grassy” smell or taste.

What is Cryo Cure’s Live Resin Flower used for?

Some of the most common applications for this flower include:

Smoking or vaping

You can treat our Live Resin Flower just like other top shelf flower. Not only does Cryo Cure’s have undeniable shelf appeal, but consumers notice the difference from the get-go. For rollers or people who vape, Live Resin Flower offers a discerning experience unlike anything else they’ve tried before.

Live Resin Flower contains rich terpene profiles for an unforgettably flavorful and aromatic session. Labs have found elusive monoterpenes in this flower, terpenes that normally evaporate off at room temperatures. One example, Delta-3 Carene, has been studied for its impact on bone health.

Along with monoterpenes, Live Resin Flower preserves cannabinoids in their acidic state before they’re converted into active cannabinoids. High levels of THC-A, CBD-A, and CBG-A, just to name a few, can be found in Live Resin Flower.

And most importantly, Live Resin Flower makes for a smooth smoking experience. It breaks apart nicely, making it ideal for packing a bowl or rolling a joint with ease. There’s no grinder necessary, either – the flower is soft enough to come apart with your hands without losing its integrity. Just be sure to store it properly, away from heat and light. There’s no need to freeze, refrigerate, or “rehydrate” Live Resin Flower – all it needs is a cool, dark storage spot in a sealed container.


Live Resin Flower can be used to produce live resin extract without the use of chilling material columns or using cold solvent. This saves processors the costs of using expensive chillers while seeing production increases of up to 500%. The starting material never leaves the cold chain process until the point of extraction leaving the resulting crude to have the same properties of fresh frozen extract.

Extractors can create all sorts of concentrates from Live Resin Flower, not just live resin. Cryo Cured flower is regularly used to create diamonds and other types of concentrates, used in edibles, to create tinctures, and much more.

Characteristics of Cryo Cure’s Live Resin Flower

Cryo Cure produces the first and only Live Resin Flower, known for its bright appearance, potent aroma, and robust flavors. Characteristics of Live Resin Flower include:

  • Appearance: Color, size, and shape are typically the easiest ways to differentiate premium cannabis flower like Live Resin Flower from standard options. Live Resin Flower is generally known for its glistening, frosty coating of trichomes, too.
  • Scent: Our Live Resin Flower offers a strong, fresh scent that’s much more alluring than traditionally cured cannabis, which can lose some of its smell as terpenes evaporate off during the hang-drying process. Formulated with terpene protection in mind, the Cryo Cure process preserves significant terpene content, the driver behind the smell and flavor of any cultivar.
  • Texture: Cryo Cure’s Live Resin Flower offers a texture that’s not too dry, retaining just the right level of moisture to make it easy to work with without encouraging molds and mildews. While traditional cannabis flower may range in consistency, premium cannabis flower will generally be sticky and spongy but still dry enough to produce a “snap” when broken apart.
  • Consumption experience: The smooth smoke – with no grassy taste – is unlike any other flower out there. But it’s not just how it feels, but the consumption experience itself. By stabilizing the curing process, Cryo Cure’s Live Resin Flower offers a rush of therapeutic cannabinoids and a bounty of terpenes that are full of flavor. The process even preserves rare and fragile terpenes not found in other flower.

Live Resin Flower from Cryo Cure

Cryo Cure is proud to have perfected our patented process to manufacture premium Live Resin Flower. In addition to cutting the time and hassle of drying and curing, Cryo Cure can yield the same results every time, making it reliable and suitable for a standardized process and consistency. A quality grow can reach new heights when it undergoes the Cryo Cure process.

From the smell to the taste to the feel, Cryo Cure is shaping not just a new tier of smokable flower, but new categories that expand what we know and appreciate about cannabis. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you harvest vibrant and aromatic Live Resin Flower.

Cryo Cure Is Now Patented!

Cryo Cure Is Now Patented!

The revolutionary process behind Cryo Cured cannabis and hemp flower is now officially patented!

Cryo Cure leadership has been awarded Patent #11,243,028, which covers the unique system and methods of cryo-curing responsible for our flower. The patent takes effect on Feb. 8th, 2022.

The Cryo Cure process and machinery utilizes lyophilization, also known as freeze drying, to achieve results. However, what makes Cryo Cure unique is the proprietary “recipe” inside the machines that allow the cultivator to successfully maintain optimal moisture and terpene content for smokable cannabis.

Cryo Cure’s technologies and methodologies allow cultivators to skip the hanging phase of drying, cutting the traditional processing time from weeks to hours. The resulting product looks just like it does on the plant, with no flower shrinkage and trichomes and terpenes wholly intact. The flavor profile is preserved at the height of freshness. The process has earned Cryo Cured flower a reputation for “fresh from the farm” appeal, with unforgettable and unmatchable visuals, smell, and taste.

This vibrant flower stands head and shoulders above other freeze-dried cannabis due to this now-patented process. Unlike other freeze-dried cannabis, no rehydration is necessary, smells and flavors aren’t lost to the freezes drying process, and flower retains its integrity and does not crumble in a customer’s hands. The issuance of this patent is confirmation that the Cryo Cure team has developed a system that revolutionizes how cultivators dry and cure their plants.

To learn more about how Cryo Cure works, explore our resources: