Can you freeze dry marijuana? What about hemp?

Freeze drying isn’t just for removing water from fruits and vegetables! Freeze-drying is an excellent way to preserve cannabis and hemp at the peak of freshness.

However, not every cannabis freeze drying method does the job right. Other freeze dryers and techniques render the flower dry, with a loss of valuable terpenes. Cryo Cure is the best freeze drying method on the market for producing a flavorful and potent flower with cannabinoids preserved, terpenes enhanced, and trichomes intact.

Should you freeze dry cannabis or hemp? Why?

Yes! Freeze drying cannabis is a sought-after cannabis drying and curing method. Promoted by master breeder Ed Rosenthal, hobbyists and commercial producers alike have long explored how freeze drying can improve shelf life and reduce damage-causing moisture. Additionally, it’s a preferred process tool for extraction artists preparing flower and biomass for all types of extraction. Higher yields and superior quality, stabilized.

Can you use a regular freeze-drying machine for cannabis?

While it is not uncommon for cannabis consumers to use a freeze-drying machine at home, these devices are not designed or programmed to preserve cannabis or hemp. (However, Cryo Cure machines can also be used to freeze-dry flowers and food.)

Do you have to rehydrate the cannabis after freeze drying it for smokable flower?

No, you do not. It’s never a good practice to rehydrate your flower after any drying and curing method. It defeats the purpose of Cryo Curing.

What is the main difference between Cryo Cure machines and a regular freeze-drying machine?

Cryo Cure machines utilize a patented process fine-tuned specifically for cannabis and hemp, resulting in a final product that we call “Cryo Cured” cannabis. The machine dials in the right combination of time and temperature to preserve the delicate trichomes that contain phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Regular freeze-drying machines have no such settings.

There’s a lot more to the differences between Cryo Cure machines and freeze dryers. Read more on our blog, Six Ways Cryo Cure Beats Freeze Dried Weed.


How long is the freezing process?

The freezing process takes between 2 to 12 hours at -10°F or lower.

Can you pre-freeze the flower before Cryo Curing?

Yes, you can pre-freeze your flower for at least 2 hours at -20°F before going into the Cryo Cure machine. This shortens the time flower spends Cryo Curing to 12 to 14 hours, plus one “burp,” to even out the desired moisture.

Does cannabis need to be wet trimmed before Cryo Curing?

Cryo Cure can be wet trimmed or dry trimmed before Cryo Curing. You may prefer wet trimming during large runs because sugar leaves tend to act like hook and loop closures, which can make it more difficult to separate stacked buds. If you keep the sugar leaves on, arrange the cannabis in a uniform, single layer.

What is the average moisture content of Live Resin Flower?

Cannabis that goes through the Cryo Cure process falls between 8 percent and 12 percent moisture content.

What is the final active water content of Live Resin Flower?

The ideal water activity (aW) for Live Resin Flower is 0.7 aW.

Are there different settings for different cultivars?

Cryo Cure machines are not preprogrammed for specific cultivars. However, you may find that certain time settings may work better for some cultivars (strains). You can save your preferred times as presets on the machine.

How big are Cryo Cure machines?

We offer several Cryo Cure machine sizes:

  • Our High Capacity (HC) models are available in three sizes: the HC4, the HC7, and the HC10. 
  • The HC4 holds four roll-in racks and accommodates approximately 400 pounds of material (wet weigh-in).
  • The HC7 holds seven roll-in racks and accommodates approximately 700 pounds of material (wet weigh-in).
  • The HC10 holds 10 roll-in racks and accommodates approximately 1,050 pounds of material (wet weigh-in).
  • The High Capacity Pilot Model introduces cultivators to the capabilities of Cryo Cure’s high capacity machines in a compact, efficient package.
  • The CC260 fits up to 20 pounds (wet weigh-in) of material, an ideal size for craft growers.

Visit the Cryo Cure cannabis freeze dryer model information page to read more details about each model.

Do you lose total crop weight when using a Cryo Cure cannabis freeze dry machine versus traditional cure?

No. Our patent-pending process leaves your flower with a perfect moisture content of 8 to 12%. Though the cannabis looks larger than the stated scale amount, remember that there is no shrinkage to the flower. This means 1 gram in weight is double the size it would be if traditionally cured.

Does every Cryo Cure machine have a built-in freezer?

Freezing is required before using Cryo Cure. You may use your own chest or walk-in freezer, as long as it’s capable of reaching -10°F to -20°F. You can also purchase a walk-in freezer from Cryo Cure. We have 10×10 and 20×20 options available. Our freezers are manufactured in the United States.

How are Cryo Cure machines serviced?

Cryo Cure machines are serviced on site by your local HVAC service provider or electrician. These professionals can replace parts or perform service on Cryo Cure machines. That’s what makes Cryo Cure great – there’s no specialty, pricey maintenance involved.

Do you offer financing?

We are happy to offer financing options for Cryo Cure cannabis curing machines. Financing is provided by Leasing Innovations Inc. Fill out the Cryo Cure financing interest form to request more information.

About the Cryo Cure Process

How is the Cryo Cure process different than regular freeze drying?

Cryo Curing is a patented process that applies to a specific range of time, temperatures and pressure, tested and proven to perfectly preserve cannabis and hemp in its “live resin” state. Traditional freeze-drying methods pull out valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. Cryo Cure is designed to preserve trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids, resulting in more potent and flavorful cannabis or smokable hemp flower.

How long is the CryoCure cannabis drying and curing process from start to finish?

Generally, you can expect a single cycle to take around 24 hours. After freezing, the process takes only 12 to 14 hours, and in some cases, it can take as little as 11 hours. The final curing time lasts approximately 6 hours depending on the cultivar. Then, it’s ready for packaging.

Who has endorsed Cryo Cure?

Cryo Cure is proudly endorsed by Dan Vinkovetsky, formerly known as Danny Danko of High Times; “Ganja Guru” Ed Rosenthal, co-founder of High Times Magazine and a longtime cannabis author, cultivator, and activist; world-renown cannabis breeder and advocate Rick Naya; pure cannabis terpenes expert Tony Verzura of Blue River Terpenes, and more. You can watch endorsements on the Testimonials page.

How long does Live Resin Flower from Cryo Cure machines last?

When stored properly in an airtight container, at stable temperatures, and away from direct sunlight, Live Resin Flower can be stored for at least one year and for up to two years.


Can you extract cannabinoids and terpenes from Cryo Cured Live Resin Flower?

Absolutely! Live Resin Flower and Cryo Cured biomass can go straight from our machine directly to your processing facility.

Can you make cannabis or hemp CBD products out of Live Resin Flower?

Yes! You can put both high THC cannabis and industrial hemp through the Cryo Cure machine and use the results to make edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates, and many other cool, innovative products.

Can you use Cryo Cure machines for hemp?

Yes! Live Resin Flower isn’t just for high THC cannabis. Cryo Cure’s unparalleled terpene preservation makes our product an excellent choice for top-of-the-line products in the booming CBD industry. The CBD flower can be sold as-is as smokable hemp or processed to make CBD oil, topicals, edibles, and other CBD products.

How low can the moisture content go?

Cryo Cure machine presets can bring down moisture content to 1 percent. This is ideal for extraction purposes.


What is Live Resin Flower?

Live Resin Flower is a revolutionary new product category.  This flower is preserved in as fresh a state as possible. While freezing flower to extract live resin isn’t a new concept, creating a smokable flower from the same technology is an emerging category, driven by Cryo Cure’s patented methodology. Simply put: You can’t get much closer to the “fresh from the farm” feeling as you can with Live Resin Flower. Read more about Live Resin Flower.

Where can I get Live Resin Flower?

The number of dispensaries carrying Cryo Cure is growing each day. Currently, Cryo Cure cannabis can be found through official dispensary partners in Colorado, California, and Michigan. New markets are rolling out in summer 2023.

Describe the Live Resin Flower consumption experience. What’s it like?

The Live Resin Flower process preserves THC-A and results in little to no delta-9 THC (pre-smoke!) and little CBN, which degrades from delta-9 THC and contributes to “couch lock.” Without their presence in Live Resin Flower, consumers can expect a more energetic and uplifting experience.

Does Cryo Curing cannabis preserve terpenes and trichomes?

Yes! In fact, Cryo Curing cannabis preserves the “live resin” flower in its natural state, with little to no delta 9 THC or CBN.

What does the traditional freeze drying process do to cannabis and hemp trichomes? How is Cryo Cure different?

Traditional freeze drying can make tiny trichomes too brittle to stay on the flower. As these trichomes fall off, flower loses its potency, both for cannabinoids and terpenes. Cryo Cure’s process does not damage the terpenes, so they are as vibrant and fresh as they were the day the flower was picked from the plant.

Can a consumer tell the difference when they try Live Resin Flower?

The difference is immediate! First and foremost, there’s no shrinkage, so buds look bigger and more beautiful. Live Resin Flower also boasts a longer shelf life if properly stored in light-blocking, air-tight containers. Best of all, the smoking experience is unparalleled: inhalation is smooth, the experience is uplifting, and the product tastes and smells exceptional, thanks to Cryo Cure’s terpene preservation. Watch people try Live Resin Flower for the first time!

Does Live Resin Flower have a chlorophyll taste?

No! Our global patented process removes the chemical called cic-3-hexanol (C6H120) that is responsible for the “green smell and taste” otherwise known as “leaf alcohol.” 

How will I know that I’m purchasing a Certified Cryo Cure product?

All Cryo Cured products have the certified “Cryo Cured” branded seal. The Cryo Cure name is globally trademarked, and our logo is only authorized for use on officially licensed products in the states in which we sell Live Resin Flower or products made with Cryo Cured flower.