Freeze dried cannabis – you may have seen it on your most recent dispensary trip. This unique way to dry and cure cannabis boasts several advantages: It stays fresher for longer, it’s smooth when inhaled, and the fluffy buds have an undeniable visual appeal.

It’s all true. But not all freeze dried cannabis is the same.

For all its purported benefits, freeze dried weed has its fair share of setbacks. The reason for these setbacks is the amount of moisture freeze dryers remove from cannabis: The ultra-low moisture content may be great for apples, beef jerky, or wedding bouquets, but those same low figures destroy the integrity of the cannabis flower.

Not so with Cryo Cure. By dialing in the perfect balance of temperature, time, and pressure, moisture content is stabilized at ideal levels to preserve the flower’s properties. The result is everything freeze dried flower wishes it could be, and more. Keep reading for five ways Cryo Cure stands apart.

6 reasons why the Cryo Cure experience is unique

Simply put, Cryo Cured flower offers a more flavorful and cerebral experience that engages all five of your senses. Here’s how:

1. The THC doesn’t degrade

Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol, or called THC for short in most cases, is the most well-known compound in cannabis. Contained in abundance in many cultivars, THC is one of the (many) drivers behind how a certain cultivar makes you feel, including the famous euphoric feeling you get from cannabis. But THC doesn’t always stay THC for long: This phytocannabinoid degrades into Cannabinol (CBN) over time. CBN is the result of THC’s exposure to oxygen, light, and temperature fluctuations, as well as time. This compound can feel heavy and sedative, also called “couch lock.”

The Cryo Cure process staves off THC degradation by preserving the THC-A content of the plant. THC-A, short for Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is the precursor to THC. Once you turn on your vaporizer or light up your joint, THC’s acidic form converts into the active form that interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) and shapes your cannabis session. Preserving this content helps prevent THC from sliding into CBN.

2. Preserved trichomes make for a more potent session

Cannabis makes you feel the way it does is because of the phytocannabinoid and terpene content it contains. Most of the plant’s phytocannabinoid and terpene content is stored in its trichomes, which are the tiny, glistening structures that line the outside of the bud. To the naked eye, they look like small milky white hairs that make your bud look “frosty.” In fact, if THC degrades into CBN, the trichomes turn from that milky white to an amber brown.

Trichomes are also extremely fragile. They can easily fall off the plant, and all that potency goes along with it. That’s why “kief” is so potent: It’s mostly made up of trichomes that fell off the flower. Losing trichomes reduces the overall potency, aroma, and flavor profile of your cannabis. The moisture content of freeze dried flower is simply too low to hold onto the fragile trichomes, which means a less enjoyable experience overall. Cryo Cured cannabis retains most of its trichome content, shaping a cannabis experience much closer to what nature intended.

3. The terpene profile is unbeatable

As you consume your cannabis, you can smell and taste the terpenes that our machines were designed to keep on your flower. You even get to enjoy rare, unheard-of cannabis terpenes that can only be experienced with Cryo Cured cannabis.

Cryo Cured flower’s terpene profile is unbeatable for two reasons. The first is related to the trichome preservation discussed earlier in this blog. More intact trichomes means more terpenes. The second is how the Cryo Cure process doesn’t give terpenes a chance to evaporate. Because Cryo Cured flower goes from stalk to smoke in as little as 12 hours, that takes days and weeks off the processing time during which most terpenes evaporate. Freezing also keeps temperatures low enough that terpenes don’t have the chance to evaporate.

4. It’s easy to break apart – but not too soft

Cannabis so good, you don’t even need a grinder. We tell our customers to “be kind, don’t grind” because our cannabis doesn’t need to go through the harsh, gnashing teeth of a metal grinder. All you need to do is pick apart the bud over a rolling tray and place it into your chosen consumption method.

If you’ve ever tried to break apart regular freeze dried flower, you know that this task is much easier said than done. The ultra-low moisture content means that, more often than not, freeze dried cannabis turns to dust in your hands. Cryo Cured flower retains anywhere between 8% and 12% moisture content, which stands in stark contrast to the 1% that traditional freeze dryers tend to extract. And those few percentage points make all the difference when getting ready for your next cannabis session with Cryo Cure.

5. Stays fresher for longer

Cannabis shelf life is influenced by two important factors: how it’s treated after harvest and how you store it when you get home. Product quality is at the basis of it all: The less product-damaging moisture in the flower, the less likely the flower develops issues that contaminate it or make it stale. Cryo Cured flower has been shown to stay fresh for at least a year after purchase if stored in the proper conditions.

6. Cryo Cure has undeniable “fresh from the plant” appeal

Cryo Cure’s undeniable visual appeal is the first thing you’ll notice. Vibrant hues, large buds, glistening trichomes – the “fresh from the plant” feeling is unmistakable. And these impressive visuals don’t diminish over time; Cryo Cured flower looks the same a year from purchase as it does the first day it makes its way into the package, as long as it’s kept out of the light and in an airtight container.

And that’s just how it looks! Cryo Cure’s beautiful aroma and memorable flavors are simply unmatched with freeze dried flower, which turn out too dull, bland, and even odorless in the most extreme cases.

There’s no substitute for Cryo Cure

Freeze dried cannabis is nowhere near the quality and experience offered with Cryo Cured flower. Aromatic, flavorful, potent, and euphoric, Cryo Cure’s patented process doesn’t just zap out moisture and call it a day. By dialing in to the perfect measurement of time, temperature, and pressure, Cryo Cured flower retains all the compounds without diminishing the sensory aspect. The result is an incredible, singular cannabis experience you’ll want to turn to time and again. So next time you head to the dispensary, look for the Cryo Cured seal – it means you’re in for an unforgettable treat.