Get Cryo Cure’s Cannabis Freeze Dryer At Home Or Your Craft Facility

The wait is finally over! After years of fine-tuning and perfection, you can now Cryo Cure your flower at home with the CC-Micro!

About the CC-Micro, the newest cannabis freeze drying machine in our lineup

Cryo Cure’s newly-designed smaller unit results from our tireless pursuit to bring our patented technology to hobbyists and home growers at an affordable price point. The UL-certified CC-Micro utilizes the same advanced technology as our larger commercial equipment. This machine has been scaled down in size and cost to fit the needs and budgets of small-scale growers without losing any of the technology that makes our freeze dryers so revolutionary.


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  • 11  to 16 hour drying cycles
  • Durably designed to run 24/7
  • 5 trays included, interchangeable 9 tray configuration available at an additional cost
  • Customizable settings 
  • 5” color touchscreen
  • USB connectivity for software upgrades and data logging
  • UL certified
  • Cryo Cure SOPs included
  • Cryo Cure’s exclusive, globally-patented recipe for Cryo Cured flower, as well as recipes for hash and puffed candy, are included
  • Superior performance vacuum technology, fittings, and connectors
  • Commercial grade 2-year warranty 
  • NOTE: The CC-Micro does NOT come with a vacuum pump. A dry scroll or oil vacuum pump can be added to your purchase, or you can use one you already have. The machine will not work without a vacuum pump.
  • Power requirements: 110V
  • Machine measurements:  30.31” x 29.45” x 19.96”
  • Capacity: Approximately 1 to 2 pounds wet weigh-in
  • Total power: Max 230V/60Hz/1PH/50A
  • Machine weight: 195 pounds, without vacuum pump
  • Total number of trays: Default is 5 trays; upgrade to 9 tray configuration
  • Tray size: 17.72” x 7.87” x .47” per tray
  • Note: A home or chest style external freezer is necessary to keep your flower fresh if you have more than the machine can hold at one time. The machine is equipped with a built-in freezer so you can go straight from harvest to the CC-Micro machine. If you have more than what will fit, simply freeze it until you are ready for the next batch. 

CC-Micro Machine Cost and Additional Components

The CC-Micro costs $9,999. Sales tax and shipping is calculated from Akron, Ohio.

You can add on the following components to your CC-Micro:

  • Vacuum pump. Choose from a dry scroll vacuum pump or an oil vacuum pump.
    • Dry scroll (most recommended – no oil changes!) – $4,800

    • Oil (requires oil changes, monitoring, and maintenance) – $850.00

  • Tray stack with nine (9) 304 stainless steel trays (ideal for hash production) – $1,750

  • Additional 316 stainless steel trays:
    • 5 tray set: $360.00

    • 9 tray set: $650.00

  • Cryo Cure moisture analyzer: $2,300.00

  • Paper cup refills for moisture analyzer

Why Cryo Cure?

Designed for cannabis first and foremost, Cryo Cure skips the hang-drying phase completely, taking quality flower from stalk to smoke in as little as 11 hours, depending on the cultivar. The resulting flower locks in the perfect moisture content, just right for consumption (no grinder necessary!) without losing any of the bud’s integrity. The cannabinoid and terpene content is perfectly preserved as if the plant was just harvested. We call it the world’s first Live Cured Flower, and it’s a smoke you’ll never forget.

Stays fresher for longer

Preserve terpenes

Stabilize THC content

No mildew, mold, or bud rot

Smoke it or make extracts

Why Cryo Cure at home?

Investing in Cryo Cure’s home unit is a game-changer for cultivators who want to take their high quality buds to the next level. Top tier cannabis is made even greater with Cryo Cure’s technology, perfectly locking in the precise moisture content to optimize flavor, potency, and aroma.

Other ways to use the CC-Micro

Cryo Cure machines are all designed from the inside-out for cannabis and hemp. But that canna-perfection is just right for use with other food and plants! Our trays, designed to not squish your buds, provide ample space for many other products, too.

Aside from our specialty recipes for perfect cannabis and hemp preservation — recipes we give you when you buy the CC-Micro — you can also use our machines to prep plenty of products around your home for long-term storage. 

Try the CC-Micro to make the following products at home:

  • Puffed candy
  • Freeze dried fruits and vegetables
  • Preserved flowers
  • Prep for emergencies with freeze-dried food
  • And much more!

Questions about Cryo Cure? We have answers.

We understand that investing in new technology for your at-home harvest can be a big decision. Our FAQ page is designed to help answer any questions you may have about Cryo Cure’s innovative technology and its benefits for your at-home harvest. Click below to start exploring answers to all your questions today.

Don’t settle for average. Upgrade your home grow game now!

Premium flower is made better with Cryo Cure. Our process results in an out-of-this-world cannabis experience, with unparalleled terpene preservation, THC stabilization, visual appeal, and aroma. We are proud to have endorsements from leading cannabis cultivation experts like Ed Rosenthal and Dan Vinkovetsky f/k/a/ Danny Danko from High Times, too.

Learn more about Cryo Cure and Live Cured Flower here:

Get the CC-Micro at home!

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