Cannabis Extraction with Cryo Cure

The best cannabis products start with impeccable flower. And with Cryo Cure technology, that great flower becomes even better.

Why Cryo Cure for extraction?

Cryo Cure machines preserve cannabis at its freshest, when cannabinoid levels are at their peak and the terpene profile is at its fullest. The process starts with freezing cannabis directly following harvest, to preserve natural resin at its peak. This eliminates the traditional process of hang drying while stabilizing the contents. But unlike traditional freeze drying methods that leave the flower dry and destabilize terpenes, Cryo Cure dials in the right ratio of time, temperature, and pressure to preserve natural resin. The resulting flower is called Live Cured Flower, which is as outstanding for smoking as it is for extraction.

Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower can be used to produce live resin extract without the use of chilling material columns or using cold solvent. This saves processors the costs of using expensive chillers while significantly increasing production. The freshly harvested flower placed into Cryo Cure machines never leaves the cold chain process until the point of extraction. As a result, the crude has the same properties of fresh frozen extract.

What can you manufacture with Cryo Cured cannabis extract?

Extractors can create all sorts of concentrates from Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower, not just live resin. Cryo Cured flower is regularly used to create diamonds and other types of concentrates, used in edibles, to create tinctures, and much more. Some of the products made with extract from Cryo Cured flower include:

  • Rosin
  • Diamonds
  • BHO for vape carts
  • Other concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures



BHO for vape carts

Other concentrates



The Cryo Cured cannabis extract difference

Cryo Cure’s leadership is paving the way to change how the global cannabis industry approaches the drying process – and what it means for customers. And there’s good reason for that.

The natural resin is preserved

Cryo Cured flower is favored for its “fresh from the plant” appeal, and not just in appearance. This methodology preserves the natural resin in as fresh of a state as possible.

The terpene profile is unmatched

Cryo Cure’s patented freeze-drying technology offers a unique ability to preserve terpenes, even rare monoterpenes that quickly evaporate off the plant material. By reducing temperatures and cutting processing time down to just hours, Cryo Cure protects terpenes that would normally be lost. This makes for especially flavorful, aromatic, and beneficial extracts.

The preserved trichomes provide more potent extracts

Trichomes home to cannabinoids and terpenes stay strong on Cryo Cured flower. They don’t break off like they do when conventionally freeze dried. That means higher yield for manufacturers and a richer experience for consumers.

The proper moisture content mitigates quality and contamination issues

Moisture content can easily make or break the quality of cannabis and subsequent extracts. While high moisture levels can result in harmful mold and mildew that can ruin flower quality and endanger the resulting extract, the proper moisture content and water activity levels mean harmful contaminants don’t have a chance to form.

The THC doesn’t degrade

Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can easily degrade into cannabinol (CBN) when faced with environmental factors like oxygen, heat, and light. Cryo Cure’s patented freeze-drying technology protects and preserves THC content by lessening the factors that typically cause degradation in the first place.

Cryo Cure vs. conventional commercial freeze dryer for extraction

Extractors attempting to use conventional commercial freeze dryers instead of Cryo Cure machines are not guaranteed to get the same impressive results. Traditional freeze dryers run the risk of over-drying cannabis flower and causing trichomes to become brittle and break off. Cryo Cure machines are especially designed to handle the sensitivities of cannabis flower, and namely the protection of terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Is Cryo Cure just a freeze-dryer?

The Cryo Cure process was created to prioritize unbeatable quality. Our patented freeze-drying technology maintains proper moisture content to ensure the protection of trichomes and terpenes for high-quality cannabis flower and extracts. Built for consistency and convenience, our machines come pre-programmed with recipes that take all the fuss out of the process. Our machines are also built with cannabis in mind, with trays positioned for proper airflow throughout the drying and curing cycle. Simply install the device and let Cryo Cure take care of the rest.

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