What Do People Have To Say About Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower?

What Do People Have To Say About Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower?

This content was updated to reflect a change in the product’s name to Live Cured Flower.

New to Live Cured Flower? There’s no better time than the present to see why industry pioneers and everyday smokers alike have only the highest praise for this revolutionary cannabis.

Don’t just take our word for it: See what cannabis lovers from all walks of life had to say when they got their hands on Live Resin Flower for the first time. We brought Live Cured Flower to Las Vegas during MJBizCon 2022 and showed our industry what this flower is all about. The reviews are in, and the consensus is clear — Live Cured Flower is in a class of its own!

Here’s what more than a dozen reviewers had to say about Live Cured Flower:

The flavors are unmatched to traditionally dried and cured flower

One of the first things the people we met noticed about our Live Cured Flower is its wonderful aroma. That’s because this flower is preserved at the height of freshness, stabilizing terpene levels that conventionally dried and cured flower can’t match. Even the rarest of terpenes can be found in Live Cured Flower!

“The terps are terpin,” said farmer and artist Roger Sterling Coleman as he unscrewed the Live Cured Flower jar for the first time. “It’s smooth, it’s a little citrusy, it’s super rich, but airy as well. Super sweet, ‘sweet cream’ kind of vibe.”

The favoritism of flavor didn’t stop there. Other high praise for Live Cured Flower’s scent included:

“I always think the best weed should taste good, and it shouldn’t taste like the basement. This is not the basement,” said legendary Detroit rapper and producer Trick Trick.

“Wow, this tastes delicious. You know what’s so impressive is that you get that full-body taste right off the bat. Not only that, I can taste it and smell it. It makes my mouth water,” said Kym Byrnes, co-founder of TribeTokes.

“It tastes like actual fruit, that’s like candy right there,” said Cam Jennings.

“It’s crisp and fresh and tastes like I’m back in high school,” noted Emily Wells.

The smoke is smoother than other flower

Consistently smooth hits come up time and again as one of the most noteworthy aspects of Live Cured Flower. It makes inhaling a pleasant and comfortable experience for even the most sensitive consumers.

Self-proclaimed “notorious cougher,” Stu Zakim, noted the smoothness of Cryo Cured cannabis.

“(The fact) that I can talk after taking a hit of this stuff makes it really unique to me,” Zakim said.

Others, like Caleb Gilmore, shouted out the smoothness of Cryo Cured cannabis.

“It’s like a really smooth bong rip but better,” Gilmore said. “It’s crazy smooth, actually, Cryo Cure makes delicious smooth-hitting weed.”

Live Cured Flower boasts unmatched potency

The potency of terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis plays a massive role in the resulting consumption experience. With traditional drying and curing, it’s inevitable that the cannabinoid and terpene content will degrade — the clock starts ticking the moment the flower is harvested. Not so with Live Cured Flower! Thanks to the process patented by Cryo Cure, drying and curing time is cut to as little as 11 hours, all while stabilizing the plant’s resin content. As a result, Live Cured Flower has little to no cannabinoid and terpene degradation.

Reviewers like Adam Scott Green found Cryo Cure’s potency especially notable. 

“Every single time, I want to smoke something like this,” Green said. “It’s absolutely smooth, the terps come through; just like you smell it [is how] it tastes. This is fire, this is what you want.”

The critical acclaim didn’t stop there. Happy Munkey Co-Founder Vladimir Bautista gave Live Cured Flower top billing.

“This is what we like to call ZaZa in New York,” Bautista said. “Cryo Cure, I’m rocking with you.” 

The visuals and textures are unlike anything our reviewers have seen

There’s no shrinkage with Live Cured Flower! The colas are as large as they are the day they’re harvested. And that’s the kind of visual that’s destined to leave an unforgettable first impression.

Dabstars founder Jonah Tacoma was most impressed with the beautiful shape and taste of the Cryo Cure buds. 

“What I really like about Cryo Cure Cannabis is that it preserves all the aesthetic that you see when you first harvest, and you’re all excited,” he stated. “But instead of shriveling down and losing 60% of that body mass, it retains that shape and that taste.” 

Another common theme was Live Cured Flower’s texture and colors, which reviewers described as “bright and fabulous.”

“This is beautiful, this is like, absolutely Grade A cannabis, it does not get more premium or better than this,” Green said.

“It’s really frosty, it doesn’t look like weed that would be as frosty as it was, it looks really light and fluffy but it’s actually kind of dense at the same time,” Jennings added.

Cannabis and psychedelics journalist Rachelle Gordon credited Live Cured Flower for its unique appearance and texture, as well as its ability to retain its vibrant hues even after being smoked.

“This is the sugariest nug I’ve seen in a minute,” Gordon said. “The trichomes are just so bright, it’s so fluffy. This seems fresh, like it could have been cured yesterday, and the color is still so bright even though it’s halfway charred,” she added as she sampled Live Cured Flower.

You can skip the grinder — yes, we mean it!

Another common theme among our reviewers is how easy Live Cured Flower is to handle. More than once, we heard people describe the flower as “grinder free cannabis” due to how easy it is to break apart with your hands. And Cryo Cure’s founders agree: This flower is best taken apart by hand, before the teeth of a grinder can tear through it.

“It’s really easy to break up, probably with your fingers, no grinder necessary,” said Kathryn Awada. 

“You don’t even need a grinder with this flower!” Zakim added.

How is Live Cured Flower produced?

Live Cured Flower is possible thanks to Cryo Cure, the company behind a patented technology that dries and cures flower in as little as 11 hours, depending on the cultivar. By perfecting a precise time, temperature, and pressure ratio, our founders developed a system that solved the pitfalls of traditional freeze drying, a long-touted but never perfected (until now!) modality for drying and curing cannabis. 

In the words of Rachelle Gordon, “Cryo Cure is seriously an innovative technology. If it’s out here making bud like this, you know it’s a big, big deal.”

Curious about how Cryo Cure works? Read our guide to how Cryo Cure machines work, and peruse our FAQ to learn even more about the “why” behind Live Cured Flower.

The reviews are in – Live Cured Flower is the next big thing in cannabis!

Cryo Cure is proud to provide consistent, high-quality premium cannabis flower to consumers in markets across the U.S. To find out when Live Cured Flower is coming to a dispensary near you, follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn for the latest updates!

Premium Cannabis Flower: 4 Things To Look For In Premium Bud

Premium Cannabis Flower: 4 Things To Look For In Premium Bud

On your last dispensary visit, you may have noticed differences in cultivar pricing – why are some less or more expensive per ounce? That’s because you can choose from different tiers from flower, from smaller, lower-quality buds to the best of the best, often marketed as premium flower or top-shelf flower.

For cannabis lovers, there’s nothing that compares to premium flower. Here’s what makes top-shelf flower so special, and why it’s worth the investment.

What is premium cannabis flower?

Premium cannabis flower is top-shelf quality cannabis that has densely packed trichomes filled with rich cannabinoids and terpenes. Premium flower often boasts vibrant colors and is trimmed to perfection. It is generally more potent and flavorful, has a longer shelf life than traditional cannabis flower, and may be preferred by experienced consumers or medical patients looking for specific results. 

What makes premium cannabis flower special?

Purchasing premium flower means getting the best the dispensary has to offer. But what makes premium cannabis so special? Let’s take a closer look.


Cannabinoid potency refers to the amount of cannabinoids present in the bud. Cannabinoids contribute to the overall consumption experience, and knowing the cannabinoid profile can help consumers predict the effects of specific products or cultivars. Cannabinoids are concentrated in the trichomes, or resin glands, of the flower, which are visible to the naked eye. Premium cannabis flower usually has a lot of well-preserved trichomes, giving it a frosty look that signals high potency. 

Terpene profile 

Terpenes are responsible for the aroma, flavor, and certain therapeutic effects of cannabis. They are also among the most difficult compounds to preserve after harvest, as terpenes begin to degrade quickly under even mild conditions. Premium cannabis flower cultivators follow rigorous procedures to preserve these volatile compounds, offering rich terpene profiles and enhancing the scent, taste, and effects of their products.

Shelf life

Not all cannabis flower has the same lifespan, and all cannabis flower degrades over time.  While an individual cannabis product’s shelf life depends on how well it was harvested, dried, cured, and stored, most products offered at dispensaries list a “use by” date to signal when the flower is past its prime.

Lower-grade flower is often dried and cured incorrectly or left susceptible to environmental conditions like heat, light, oxygen, and moisture. Premium cannabis products harvested and stored correctly have a shelf-life from six months to one year before showing signs of degradation. 

Cryo Cure’s patent-pending technology directly addresses the factors that impact shelf life. By cutting the dry time from a few weeks to as little as 13 hours, Cryo Cured cannabis can have a shelf life of up to two years when stored properly in an airtight container away from light.

Four ways to identify premium cannabis flower

Whether you’re a new or experienced cannabis consumer, you may be wondering how to spot the highest-quality premium cannabis flower. While speaking to a budtender is a great way to find the right option, you can look for the following to determine the quality of a bud for yourself:

1. Appearance

Color is one of the easiest ways to distinguish premium cannabis from standard products. While lower-quality cannabis may appear brown or yellowed, premium cannabis flower will display an array of vibrant tones, from deep greens to purples. In addition to a beautiful, rich color, premium cannabis flower should appear perfectly trimmed and manicured with a frosty coating of trichomes. The buds will be larger than lower-quality options and appear much more light and fluffy. 

2. Aroma

Terpenes play a massive role in the aroma of cannabis buds as well. Generally, the more terpenes in a bud, the more intense it will smell. Because premium cannabis flower is harvested and cured with terpene preservation in mind, you can expect fresh, robust scents. Lower-quality options may have little to no scent, or worse, a musty smell that could signal contamination by mold or mildew.

3. Consistency

Premium cannabis flower should be neither too dry nor too wet. While dry and crumbly buds often indicate poor quality, premium cannabis flower will feel somewhat sticky and spongy.  Still, premium cannabis buds should be dry enough to hear the “snap sounds” when broken apart by hand. Overly moist flower will not burn as evenly and could be susceptible to contamination by mold and mildew.

4. Experience

Premium cannabis flower offers a superior consumption experience to lower quality options. Generally, premium buds provide carefully-tailored, complex cannabinoid profiles that supply a range of experiences. While lower quality options are less predictable and may leave you feeling differently than intended, premium cannabis flower offers predictable effects to suit whatever your preference may be. Those looking for products with the most therapeutic potential may succeed with the broad range of effects offered by premium cannabis flower. 

Cultivating a premium experience with Cryo Cure 

Cryo Cure is proud to offer premium cannabis flower that is consistently high in quality and can meet all your needs. Our patented process allows growers and manufacturers to avoid human error and harvest cannabis with that “fresh from the farm” feeling by eliminating the typically weeks-long process of drying and curing. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how CryoCure can help bring your business to the next level with vibrant, aromatic, premium cannabis flower that stands the test of time.

Live Cured Flower: A Disruptive New Retail Category of Smokable Cannabis

Live Cured Flower: A Disruptive New Retail Category of Smokable Cannabis

This content was updated to reflect the product name change to Live Cured Flower.

When it comes to smokable flower, quality is king. And for the best quality available, there’s nothing like Live Cured Flower.

At Cryo Cure, we have perfected and patented a process for producing fresh from the farm live resin cannabis flower unlike anything else in the U.S. and global cannabis market. Our unique process consistently delivers top-shelf quality every time. What makes this “Live Cured Flower” stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out.

What is Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower?

Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower is driving a brand-new category of smokable flower. This flower is preserved in as fresh a state as possible. While freezing flower to extract live resin isn’t a new concept, creating a smokable flower from the same technology is an emerging category, driven by Cryo Cure’s globally-patented methodology. Simply put: You can’t get much closer to the “fresh from the farm” feeling as you can with Live Cured Flower.

Where did the term Live Cured Flower come from?

The term “Live Cured Flower” combines the flavorful and potent experience you’d get from extract sourced from frozen flower while still enjoying the experience of smokable flower. That’s because Cryo Cure’s process goes beyond simple freeze drying to retain all those cannabinoids and terpenes live resin is famous for preserving.

Our patented process stabilizes all those compounds, yes, but it also retains the integrity of the smokable flower by locking in the perfect moisture content level – not too dry as to make it impossible to handle, and not too damp as to inhibit mold or mildew growth. Our smokable flower features the best of both of these worlds; it’s a flower of impeccable quality that preserves flavor and potency at the height of freshness.

How does Live Cured Flower work?

The main goal with Live Cured Flower is to preserve natural resin at its peak, maximizing flower quality and supporting an unparalleled consumer experience. Fresh preservation of cannabis helps to keep trichomes fully intact, maintaining the resin inside as close to its “live” state as possible.

Freezing cannabis directly following harvest eliminates the traditional process of hang drying, a weeks-long period in which cannabinoids and terpenes are exposed to the elements and begin to degrade. Cryo Cure reduces the drying time to 11 to 14 hours. And unlike other freeze drying methods that leave the flower dry as dust and deprived of its terpenes, Cryo Cure never needs to be rehydrated.

The result is Live Cured Flower with higher cannabinoid and terpene content. You can tell the difference just by looking at it: Live Cured Flower is vibrant in color, with no shrinkage, and smells just like a fresh growing plant, with none of the “grassy” smell or taste.

What is Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower used for?

Some of the most common applications for this flower include:

Smoking or vaping

You can treat our Live Cured Flower just like other top shelf flower. Not only does Cryo Cure’s have undeniable shelf appeal, but consumers notice the difference from the get-go. For rollers or people who vape, Live Cured Flower offers a discerning experience unlike anything else they’ve tried before.

Live Cured Flower contains rich terpene profiles for an unforgettably flavorful and aromatic session. Labs have found elusive monoterpenes in this flower, terpenes that normally evaporate off at room temperatures. One example, Delta-3 Carene, has been studied for its impact on bone health.

Along with monoterpenes, Live Cured Flower preserves cannabinoids in their acidic state before they’re converted into active cannabinoids. High levels of THC-A, CBD-A, and CBG-A, just to name a few, can be found in Live Cured Flower.

And most importantly, Live Cured Flower makes for a smooth smoking experience. It breaks apart nicely, making it ideal for packing a bowl or rolling a joint with ease. There’s no grinder necessary, either – the flower is soft enough to come apart with your hands without losing its integrity. Just be sure to store it properly, away from heat and light. There’s no need to freeze, refrigerate, or “rehydrate” Live Cured Flower – all it needs is a cool, dark storage spot in a sealed container.


Live Cured Flower can be used to produce live resin extract without the use of chilling material columns or using cold solvent. This saves processors the costs of using expensive chillers while seeing production increases of up to 500%. The starting material never leaves the cold chain process until the point of extraction leaving the resulting crude to have the same properties of fresh frozen extract.

Extractors can create all sorts of concentrates from Live Cured Flower, not just live resin. Cryo Cured flower is regularly used to create diamonds and other types of concentrates, used in edibles, to create tinctures, and much more.

Characteristics of Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower

Cryo Cure produces the first and only Live Cured Flower, known for its bright appearance, potent aroma, and robust flavors. Characteristics of Live Cured Flower include:

  • Appearance: Color, size, and shape are typically the easiest ways to differentiate premium cannabis flower like Live Cured Flower from standard options. Live Cured Flower is generally known for its glistening, frosty coating of trichomes, too.
  • Scent: Our Live Cured Flower offers a strong, fresh scent that’s much more alluring than traditionally cured cannabis, which can lose some of its smell as terpenes evaporate off during the hang-drying process. Formulated with terpene protection in mind, the Cryo Cure process preserves significant terpene content, the driver behind the smell and flavor of any cultivar.
  • Texture: Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower offers a texture that’s not too dry, retaining just the right level of moisture to make it easy to work with without encouraging molds and mildews. While traditional cannabis flower may range in consistency, premium cannabis flower will generally be sticky and spongy but still dry enough to produce a “snap” when broken apart.
  • Consumption experience: The smooth smoke – with no grassy taste – is unlike any other flower out there. But it’s not just how it feels, but the consumption experience itself. By stabilizing the curing process, Cryo Cure’s Live Cured Flower offers a rush of therapeutic cannabinoids and a bounty of terpenes that are full of flavor. The process even preserves rare and fragile terpenes not found in other flower.

Live Cured Flower from Cryo Cure

Cryo Cure is proud to have perfected our patented process to manufacture premium Live Cured Flower. In addition to cutting the time and hassle of drying and curing, Cryo Cure can yield the same results every time, making it reliable and suitable for a standardized process and consistency. A quality grow can reach new heights when it undergoes the Cryo Cure process.

From the smell to the taste to the feel, Cryo Cure is shaping not just a new tier of smokable flower, but new categories that expand what we know and appreciate about cannabis. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you harvest vibrant and aromatic Live Cured Flower.