what is cryo cure cannabis?

Learn more about our Live Cured Flower.

Cryo Cure is revolutionizing the cannabis experience by perfecting the freeze drying process that keeps flower potent and fresh.

With the perfect combination of time, temperature, and pressure, our patented process preserves cannabis flower in a way that stabilizes THC content and preserves terpenes. The result is an unparalleled consumption experience.

Is Cryo Cure the same as freeze dried cannabis?

In short, no.

Although Cryo Cure was inspired by freeze drying, there’s a world of difference in the improvements Cryo Cure made to the process. Traditional freeze dryers are built to remove all moisture from any product you place inside. Freeze dried cannabis can sometimes be so dry that the trichomes break off, taking the terpenes and cannabinoids with them. Sure, such little moisture is great for beef jerky and dried mango, but terrible for cannabis, which needs some moisture for the best consumer experience. Cryo Cure’s patented method of drying and curing flower retains some moisture in smokabe flower, preserving terpenes and stabilizing THC content in the process.

Get to know our Flower

Curious about the Cryo Cure process and what makes it far superior to regular freeze dried cannabis? Read our guide to Live Cured Flower vs. freeze dried flower.


Cryo Cured buds are bright and big, coated in frosty trichomes that are home to the cannabinoids and terpenes that make cannabis so wonderful. Cryo Cured cannabis looks like it was just harvested, with no bud shrinkage!


Cryo Cured flower has a rich, deep aroma, thanks in part to the incomparable terpene preservation that Cryo Cure achieves.


You won’t taste chlorophyll in Cryo Cured flower. That, coupled with the preserved monoterpenes, lends Cryo Cured cannabis its unbeatable flavor.


Where traditional freeze dried cannabis can crumble, Cryo Cured flower stands strong. Just use your fingers – this grinder-free cannabis holds its integrity no matter how you enjoy it.

Who Loves Cryo Cure?

Live Cured Flower and the Cryo Cure process are endorsed by cannabis cultivation legends and everyday consumers alike. Ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal and renowned cannabis breeder and advocate Rick Naya are among the cannabis legends who have tried Cryo Cure. Customers agree – here’s what they have to say:

{Once I tried Cryo Cure, I was amazed. This technology has serious implications for the cannabis industry. This is a disruptive thing for our industry. Experience Cryo Cure… and you’ll be a believer like me.{
-Danny Danko
Senior Cultivation Editor, High Times magazine
{Cryo Cure is a revolution in curing technology that keeps terpenes, trichomes and THC content more intact than any other process.{
-Ed Rosenthal
The Guru of Ganja
{The quality and the feel of the cannabis is just amazing. I am thoroughly impressed. All the trichomes, the flavors, and the terpenes are fully intact. I recommend Cryo Cure for your cannabis drying needs.{
-Rick Naya
Legendary cannabis breeder and advocate
{Cryo Cure is the Tesla of curing cannabis.{
{The result is GREAT - First time I have not coughed in years!{
Thomas M.
{Cryo Cure is the holy grail of cannabis.{
Tony K.

Ask for Live Cured Flower at your favorite dispensary!

Cryo Cure partners with cultivators across the U.S., and our technology is available in these states.

Look for the Cryo Cured seal of authenticity when you shop!

Tips for consuming Live Cured Flower

New to Cryo Cure? Try our tips for the best experience:

Skip the grinder

Controversial, but true! A grinder can be too rough on Live Cured Flower. Break apart the flower with your hands for the best experience.

Pack loosely

You don’t need to roll or pack tightly like you would with traditionally dried and cured flower. Pack with a gentle hand for the best experience.

Store well

When kept away from light, heat, and oxygen, Live Cured Flower can stay fresh for more than a year after you bring it home from the dispensary.

Other Cryo Cure Products

While Cryo Cure is most well known for its smokable flower, all sorts of cannabis products can be made from Cryo Cure – and can be found at dispensaries around the U.S. You’ll find vape carts, distillate, diamonds, live resin, ice water hash, and many more products made from Live Cured Flower. That’s because manufacturers know Cryo Cured flower’s high terpene levels and stabilized cannabinoid content make for an unforgettable experience.