After the successful debut of its highly-anticipated CC-Micro freeze-drying machine for home and craft growers, Cryo Cure is proud to share that it’s partnering with extraction equipment manufacturer Holland Green Science to produce more units and distribute them on an international scale. The cannabis extraction equipment provider, based in the Netherlands with a North American headquarters in Chicago, will manufacture Cryo Cure’s CC-Micro machine, designed for home and craft growers to bring Cryo Cure technology to smaller harvests. 

Why did Holland Green Science and Cryo Cure partner?

Cryo Cure is the company behind Live Resin Flower, which balances the flavorful and potent experience for which live resin extracts are known without affecting smokable flower’s integrity. Cryo Cure machines skip the hang drying phase and produce ready-to-smoke product in as little as 11 hours. Unlike standard freeze dryers, Cryo Cure machines dial in the right ratio of time, temperature, and pressure to preserve flower at the height of freshness. This stabilizes terpene profiles and cannabinoid levels while ensuring the flower is easy for consumers to break apart and use.

Michael Urosev, co-founder and CEO of Holland Green Science, described Cryo Cure as “a real innovator and risk taker” in the cannabis industry.

“I want to partner with companies that disrupt markets and challenge the established norms that we have in the cannabis industry, and Cryo Cure is… blazing a whole new territory in our market,” said Urosev. “The leaders of Cryo Cure think outside the box and have created an entirely new product category as a result. Simply put, Cryo Cure is synonymous with quality, freeze-dried flower.”

Tracee McAfee, CEO of Cryo Cure, said Holland Green Science’s global reach, deep cannabis knowledge, and commitment to product quality make them an ideal partner for the company.

“Holland Green Science is not only known for meeting international standards for safety and compliance, which is essential in our industry, but they are a truly global company with an established presence in cannabis markets around the world,” said McAfee. “Their international reach and careful diligence to quality make them a perfect partner to expand our reach to home growers and craft growers in the U.S., Europe, South America, and more territories.”

The move to the CC-Micro

Since its founding in 2018, Cryo Cure has manufactured large freeze drying units best suited for commercial grows. With the launch of the CC-Micro in May 2023, the company expanded its reach to home, hobbyist, and craft growers, successfully distilling Cryo Cure’s patented technology into a footprint less than three feet wide. The initial run of CC-Micro machines was met with great enthusiasm, selling out within weeks of launch. 

“It’s been my goal to bring Cryo Cure to home growers and craft growers since our earliest days, and it took years of research and development to adapt our process to a smaller size at an affordable price,” McAfee said. “I am delighted to see that there’s so much demand, that we can pursue global reach with a world-class manufacturing and distribution partner.”

“Even with Cryo Cure’s success on a larger scale, Tracee and Greg [Baughman, Cryo Cure president and Head of Cultivation] never forgot about the home grower and the craft grower,” Urosev added. “Both us at Holland Green Science and Cryo Cure want large companies and the regular guy down the block alike to process cannabis safely and effectively. With the CC-Micro, Cryo Cure is one step closer to its goal of bringing their technology to cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.”

About the CC-Micro cannabis freeze drying at home unit

The CC-Micro holds approximately 1 to 2 wet pounds of cannabis, depending on the cultivar. Each machine is pre-programmed with Cryo Cure’s patented “recipe” for drying and curing flower, as well as recipes to make hash. The dry cycle time lasts around 11 to 16 hours. Machines come with 5-tray configurations, with 9-tray configurations available. Outside of cannabis, the CC-Micro can be used to freeze-dry fruits, vegetables, and other products. 

How to pre-order the CC Micro

Cryo Cure is accepting pre-orders for the CC-Micro. The machines are available to ship throughout North America, South America, Europe, and select countries in Africa and Asia. Visit the CC Micro page to learn more about the machine and fill out the pre-order form.