The Difference Between Cryo Cure Machines and Freeze Dryers

Uncovering the ideal ratios of time, temperature, and pressure, Cryo Cure machines improve upon typical freeze dryers, which remove too much moisture and leave cannabis flower brittle and difficult to use.


Freeze drying cannabis has been around for quite some time as a cannabis drying and curing method, but it’s never been perfected. It even got a mention in Ed Rosenthal’s The Marijuana Grower’s Handbook – where Cryo Cure leadership was first inspired to dive into the issue of freeze drying cannabis.

While freeze drying became popular for its ability to lower moisture content and shave time off the drying process, it still didn’t quite do the job. That’s because traditional freeze-drying methods often overdry cannabis flower, making it so brittle that trichomes break off.

Cryo Cure invented and patented a way to perfect the process to unlock all the benefits of freeze drying while mitigating the downsides. Utilizing the correct ratio of time, temperature, and pressure, Cryo Cure has unlocked the key to preserving cannabis at its freshest.

Why is regular freeze drying inefficient for cannabis?

While freeze-drying may be efficient for food and other products, those systems are not built to preserve cannabis and hemp flower’s best qualities in the same way. Generally, cannabis and hemp flower sent through a traditional freeze dryer turns out brittle, dry, and less potent. And that’s because freeze dryers are built to do that! By design, freeze dryers remove as much moisture content as possible, which isn’t good for cannabis.

The Cryo Cure Difference

Cryo Cure’s leadership is at the forefront of cannabis technology. Backed by decades of experience, our approach to freeze-drying technology is completely revolutionizing cannabis, both in the U.S. and around the world.

Indisputable THC, terpene, trichome and flavor preservation

Trichomes do not warp, shrink or break in the Cryo Cure cannabis machine. The final flower has an awe-inspiring look and feel. The aroma is powerful and the flavor is unforgettable, thanks to the high levels of retained terpenes.

Prevent THC-A degradation

The Cryo Cure process preserves and stabilizes THC-A, so the final product has lower levels of Delta-9 THC and CBN. As a result, the cured cannabis produces a euphoric, creative and energetic effect. The consumption experience is smooth and light, a surprising delight to all who try it!

Presets for smokable hemp and cannabis flower

When you work with Cryo Cure’s patented technology, you get the perfected recipes that ensure flower comes out of the machine ready to use with each run. There’s no reinventing the wheel or experimenting with your own harvest: We’ve done all the fine-tuning for you. Multiple settings support whatever you plan to do with Cryo Cure, whether you plan to sell the flower as a smokable product or extract phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

Increase cannabis and hemp extraction yields

With our pre-programmed Cryo Cure “processing” setting, moisture levels in flower and trim can be quickly reduced to between 1 and 2 percent. This results in significantly higher yields for BHO, DHO, CO2 and ethanol extraction methods; plus, solvent-free extracted and infused products have an improved terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Perfect moisture content minimized mold and mildew

Cryo Cure’s precisely-controlled moisture levels prevent oxidation and prohibits the growth of harvest-ruining mold and mildew, while also preventing the spread of bud rot after harvest. Our machines don’t completely eliminate moisture; instead, they use the right balance of time, temperature, and pressure to bring moisture to optimal levels. These settings cure smokable hemp and cannabis flower to a target moisture content of 8% to 12%. For extraction, the moisture content is lowered for maximum results.

Is Cryo Cure just a freeze dryer?

Cryo Cure is much more than just a freeze dryer. Our machines are based on freeze drying methods, but Cryo Cure technology is patented to get the balance of moisture right while preserving the terpenes and trichomes. The machines come programmed with recipes that have figured it out all for you already – just install the machines, we train your staff, and your Cryo Cure heads to its next destination.

Learn more about Cryo Cure Models

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