The revolutionary process behind Cryo Cured cannabis and hemp flower is now officially patented!

Cryo Cure leadership has been awarded Patent #11,243,028, which covers the unique system and methods of cryo-curing responsible for our flower. The patent takes effect on Feb. 8th, 2022.

The Cryo Cure process and machinery utilizes lyophilization, also known as freeze drying, to achieve results. However, what makes Cryo Cure unique is the proprietary “recipe” inside the machines that allow the cultivator to successfully maintain optimal moisture and terpene content for smokable cannabis.

Cryo Cure’s technologies and methodologies allow cultivators to skip the hanging phase of drying, cutting the traditional processing time from weeks to hours. The resulting product looks just like it does on the plant, with no flower shrinkage and trichomes and terpenes wholly intact. The flavor profile is preserved at the height of freshness. The process has earned Cryo Cured flower a reputation for “fresh from the farm” appeal, with unforgettable and unmatchable visuals, smell, and taste.

This vibrant flower stands head and shoulders above other freeze-dried cannabis due to this now-patented process. Unlike other freeze-dried cannabis, no rehydration is necessary, smells and flavors aren’t lost to the freezes drying process, and flower retains its integrity and does not crumble in a customer’s hands. The issuance of this patent is confirmation that the Cryo Cure team has developed a system that revolutionizes how cultivators dry and cure their plants.

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