The Cryo Cure Revolution Is Here

The Cryo Cure Revolution Is Here

It’s not just freeze dried. It’s Cryo Cured.

Cryo Cure created and perfected the original Live Resin Flower by locking in the right amount of moisture instead of removing all the water content inside the smokable flower. Its fresh from the plant look and feel is as close to natural resin as you can get. There’s absolutely no shrinkage, and the colors are just as vibrant as the moment the cannabis was harvested.

The benefits of Cryo Cure

No couchlock

The Cryo Cure process stabilizes THC-A content so it doesn’t degrade into CBN – the cannabinoid that can make you feel sluggish. There’s no “couch lock” when you consume Cryo Cure.


The terpene content is unparalleled in Cryo Cured flower. Up to 95% of terpenes are saved because our process protects the trichomes on the flower that house them. The aroma and flavor of our flower is unmatched to any traditionally dried and cured cannabis or other freeze dried flower.


When stored properly away from light and heat, Cryo Cured flower stays fresh for more than a year without losing its potency or appeal.


The integrity of Cryo Cure flower makes it easy to break apart with your hands. This flower has a unique spongy texture unlike anything you’ve tried before!

Who Loves Cryo Cure?

Cryo Cure is endorsed by cannabis cultivation legends and everyday consumers alike. Ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal and renowned cannabis breeder and advocate Rick Naya are among the cannabis legends who have tried Cryo Cure. Customers agree – here’s what they have to say:

{Once I tried Cryo Cure, I was amazed. This technology has serious implications for the cannabis industry. This is a disruptive thing for our industry. Experience Cryo Cure… and you’ll be a believer like me.{
-Danny Danko
Senior Cultivation Editor, High Times magazine
{Cryo Cure is a revolution in curing technology that keeps terpenes, trichomes and THC content more intact than any other process.{
-Ed Rosenthal
The Guru of Ganja
{The quality and the feel of the cannabis is just amazing. I am thoroughly impressed. All the trichomes, the flavors, and the terpenes are fully intact. I recommend Cryo Cure for your cannabis drying needs.{
-Rick Naya
Legendary cannabis breeder and advocate

Ask for Cryo Cure at your favorite dispensary!

Cryo Cure partners with cultivators across the U.S., and our technology is available in these states.

Look for the Cryo Cured seal of authenticity when you shop!

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Award Winning Cannabis

We are proud to receive prestigious honors that recognize our innovative, patented cannabis drying process.

2021 Sustainable Leadership Award

2023 Innovation in Sustainable Technology

2022 Best Equipment/Drying & Curing

2022 Product of the Year

2023 Environmental Impact Award

Learn More About Cryo Cure

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