The Live Cured Flower Revolution Is Here

The Live Cured Flower Revolution Is Here

It’s not freeze-dried cannabis. it’s Live Cured Flower.

Explore the latest on Live Cured Flower — what makes it so special, where you can buy it, see lab test results, tips and tricks for smoking Live Cured Flower, and more.

What is Live Cured Flower?

Live Cured Flower blends the best of several worlds. Our process preserves flower at the height of freshness, with stable THC-A content and unparalleled terps. Made using globally-patented Cryo Cure technology, this process and technology leverages all the advantages of freeze drying cannabis flower without its pitfalls, like too-dry flower, that so many other freeze drying technologies create. Live Cured Flower’s colors and size are a sight to see, too — our buds are so big, they need their own specially-designed jars to hold them.

Live Cured Flower is only available through exclusive partners throughout the U.S. and the world who are not only thoroughly trained in Cryo Cure technology, but who are fully committed to our shared mission of bringing the very best in cannabis flower to patients and customers around the world.

What makes Live Cured Flower stand out?

Incredible terpene profiles

Terpenes are what make cannabis smell like an apple orchard, an evergreen forest, or even a bit like cheese. Incredible aromas are the hallmark of spectacular flower, and Live Cured Flower’s bouquet is unlike any other flower out there. Because Live Cured Flower is preserved at the pinnacle of freshness, our flower offers the most vibrant terpenes you’ll find in any cannabis flower.

No couchlock

Unlike traditionally dried and cured cannabis, which requires weeks or months to prepare, the THC in Live Cured Flower doesn’t degrade into CBN — the cannabinoid that can make you feel sleepy and give you “couchlock.” THC-A, the way THC naturally exists in the plant before it’s heated, is stabilized throughout our process. This makes the Live Cured Flower experience more lively and uplifting than the standard dried and cured smoke.

An unforgettably smooth smoke

Impressively light and remarkably fresh, Live Cured Flower offers an effortlessly smooth smoking experience. Our customers tell us that they don’t even cough when they sesh with Live Cured Flower.

It stays fresher for longer

When stored properly away from light and heat, Live Cured Flower stays fresh for more than a year without losing its potency or appeal. Unlike conventionally dried and cured options, this allows you to encounter a consistently exceptional experience every time you indulge.

Where To Buy Cryo Live Cured Flower

Cryo Live Cured Flower is available in Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, and Massachusetts, with more states to come!



2900 E Desert Inn Rd Suite #102, Las Vegas, NV 89121

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420 Sahara

420 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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631 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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NuWu Cannabis Marketplace + Lounge

1235 Paiute Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89106

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New Mexico

Exclusively Available at Peak Harvest Dispensary

103 Manzanares Ave, Socorro, NM 87801

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Sanctuary Cannabis

Available at all Sanctuary Cannabis medical dispensary locations in Florida, including Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach.

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Sanctuary Cannabis

Available at all Sanctuary adult-use cannabis locations in Massachusetts, including Brookline, Danvers, and Gardner.

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Don’t see your state here? Reach out to us!

How to prep Cryo Live Cured Flower for smoking

Live Cured Flower is made to be broken apart with your hands.

How to roll Cryo Cured cannabis flower

Roll the perfect joint with our flower.

Live Cured Flower resources

What makes our Live Cured Flower so special? Dive deep into the meticulous process that ensures every bud is a masterpiece of freshness and potency.

Top shelf flower, top shelf genetics: exclusive Live Cured Flower strains

Unforgettable genetics paired with the technology behind our flower deliver a Live Cured Flower experience you won’t soon forget! These award-winning strains have been meticulously cultivated and perfected by Cryo Cure’s President and Head of Cultivation, Greg Baughman. 

These exclusive genetics are currently available in New Mexico and Nevada.

Banana Cello
  • Lineage: Lemoncello x Banana MAC
  • Terpene profile:D-Limonene, Linalool, B-Caryophyllene, B-Myrcene, B-Pinene, a-Pinene, B-Ocimene, a-Humulene, Camphene, Eucalyptol, Geraniol

An award-winning combination of Lemoncello and Banana MAC delivers a delicious, creamy expression. She produces large purple colas covered in trichomes that smell of citrus and cream.

Sour Cherry Larry
  • Lineage: Sour OG x Cherry Gelato
  • Terpene profile: D-Limonene, B-Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, B-Pinene, a-Pinene, 3-Carene, a-Humulene, Guaiol, trans-Nerolidol

An award-winning cross of Sour OG (Cali Connection) and Cherry Gelato (Greenline), this indica-dominant hybrid is known for her giant calyxes and bulbous trichome heads, with beautiful shades of lavender and neon green flower. A perfect blend of fruit and gas with a hint of cream, Sour Cherry Larry is a hybrid flower that packs a punch!

Apple Dumplin’
  • Lineage: Gelato 33 x Apple Fritter
  • Terpene profile: Awaiting lab testing results

A hybrid between Gelato 33 and Apple Fritter that was selected out of 50 different phenotypes. She was the only apple green-colored flower in a sea of purple phenotypes — most would pick the purple, but not us! Purple colors are a sign of stress and dull terpenes. In our quest to bring our customers the most flavorful terpene expressions, we found her. And now, Apple Dumplin’ is at the top of the list as one of our most desired cultivars. Expect hints of sour gas and fruity cream with frosted, dense buds.

Sour OG
  • Lineage: OG Kush x Sour Diesel
  • Terpene profile: D-Limonene, B-Myrcene, Linalool, B-Caryophyllene, a-Bisbolol, Guaiol, a-Pinene, B-Pinene, Camphene, Terpinolene, a-Humulene

Sour OG is an award-winning stunner! Selected over 10 years ago from a Cali Connections pheno hunt of Original Sour Diesel, this indica-dominant hybrid is “The Queen” of our stable. She was selected for her consistent, high gassy terpene profile and upper 20 percent cannabinoid content. A favorite go-to cultivar for people who love rich flavors, she is a perfect 50/50 blend of Josh’s OG Kush and AJ’s Sour Diesel. This cultivar will leave you in awe and wanting more!

The Juice
  • Lineage: Sour OG and Gorilla Cookie x GG4-Ohio Lemon G backcross
  • Terpene profile: B-Myrcene, a-Pinene, B-Pinene, B-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, Linalool, a-Humulene, Guaiol, Caryophyllene Oxide, a-Bisabolol

Do you like oranges? This bud’s for you! This sativa-dominant hybrid produces the thickest, frostiest trichome covered buds we’ve ever seen. Her origins are from crossing our 4 Queens (Sour OG x Gorilla Cookie) to a GG4 IBL male, then using a male from that cross to cross to the legendary Ohio Lemon G. She smells like burnt oranges, just like a perfectly crafted Old Fashioned cocktail. It has a throttle that leaves most on the edge of their seats. She is the epitome of the sativa effect!

Holy Guacamole
  • Lineage: GG4 (Josey Wales 2014 cut) x Sour Cherry Larry
  • Terpene profile: Awaiting lab testing results

You can’t miss the hints of GG4 in this cross! Back when GG4 was reaching its time in the sun, we decided to kick her up a notch to help stabilize and deliver more sour notes in the flavor profile. Expect hints of cilantro with a dark, rich chocolate cream coming from smaller dense trichome coated colas.

Award Winning Cannabis

We are proud to receive prestigious honors that recognize our innovative, patented cannabis drying process.

2021 Sustainable Leadership Award

2023 Innovation in Sustainable Technology

2022 Best Equipment/Drying & Curing

2022 Product of the Year

2023 Environmental Impact Award

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