At Cryo Cure, we’re redefining what’s possible for the cannabis industry. In this video and podcast series from Cryo Cure founders Tracee McAfee and Greg Baughman, cannabis industry myths are explored, debunked, and retold to help the world understand the ever-changing cannabis landscape and explore the beauty and magic of the plant.

For this month’s edition of The Cold Truth, Cyro Cure co-founders Greg Baughman and Tracee McAfee sat down with Steven “DJ Stenny” Stentiford and Lynne Spinney.  Partners in business and love, Stenny and Lynn are the co-founders of Mary Palmer, a highly awarded hemp CBD company based in Quincy, Massachusetts.

On the podcast, Greg and Tracee spoke with Stenny and Lynne about what it’s like to run a CBD company as a couple and spent some time diving into what goes into quality products. Read a quick summary of that conversation below, watch the full interview on YouTube, or download this podcast episode from platforms like Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Working together as a couple

As a couple running a cannabis business together, Greg and Tracee spoke at length with Lynne and Stenny about their experience balancing the overlap between their work relationship and life outside of the office.

“We both are strongly opinionated people, so we have to work on separating our emotional minds from our business minds,” Lynne noted. “Sometimes, we just have to take that 5-minute break.”

Lynne and Stenny said that working together allows them to push each other to be better every day, even while making tough decisions that they may not completely agree on.

“When we both want to do something in our own way, we have to figure out how we can stroll our own paths and come together at the end,” said Lynne.

Standing out as a product line and a brand

Mary Palmer has become one of the most awarded and established CBD brands on the East Coast, with numerous awards from prestigious industry contests like the High Times Cannabis Cup and The Harvest Cup. Known for their distinct and innovative products, Greg and Tracee find out how Stenny and Lynne continue to stay relevant in a highly-saturated and competitive space.

“We find when there is a lack in the market, and we need to put better products in there to fill the void,” Lynne shared, citing the brand’s CBD gum as an alternative to gummies. “We try to find an improvement on what’s out there. Everyone loves gummies, but we don’t think they are the most bioavailable product.”

Other niche products like the “Best Bud” Dog Treats and CBD infused rose water facial toner have also been recognized for their unique, problem-solving formulations.

“A lot of people are not used to using CBD in that way,” Lynne said in regards to CBD for skincare. “There are so many benefits from CBD; for skin, acne, any kind of irritation you might be dealing with in your skin.”

Debunking edible myths

In addition to the Mary Palmer brand, Lynne and Stenny also helped to debunk some edibles myths. Some of the myths surrounding ingestible cannabis products they talk about on the episode include:

Myth #1: “All edibles are made the same”

Not all edibles are made with the same methods and procedures. Mary Palmer, for example, reintroduces terpenes after heat application. By adding terpenes to the product following any use of heat, manufacturers can reintroduce compounds that may have been lost during the cultivation or processing stages.

Before making a purchase, Stenny said that consumers should research the product in question and who’s making it. While many retailers claim to supply CBD products, some do not have any CBD at all.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for a certificate of analysis (CoA),” added Lynn. “This pretty much means the product has gone through a lab and has been tested and verified. If you’re selling CBD, you should be able to provide that.”

Myth #2: “Edibles need a lot of THC to be effective”

When you use a cannabis product with THC, for example, it’s not just the THC playing a role in the consumer experience. Stenny and Lynne discussed the use of full spectrum extract so customers can experience what’s called the entourage effect, or the theory that all compounds in the plant work synergistically for enhanced effects.

“We like to make products with a whole balance of the CBD and the plant in there,” Stenny explained.

“It’s really a little bit of everything,” added Lynne. “CBG, CBN, all the cannabinoids coming together, Even if it’s just in those small percentages, makes it something you are going to feel and get results [from].”

Myth #3 “There are indica and sativa edibles”

Lynne and Stenny both feel that it’s time to move the conversation about indica and sativa away from effects. While indica and sativa are valid descriptors for cultivators describing plant appearance, called phenotype, these labels do not tell the whole story and have little to do with consumption. Stenny explained that these terms do not hold much meaning beyond the manufacturing stage as they generally cannot predict user experience.

“We reintroduced terpenes into some of the drinks, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a sativa or an indica drink,” noted Stenny.

Is federal legalization around the corner?

The episode also touched on federal legalization and what that would mean for ingestible cannabis products. With federal legalization, Lynne said, Mary Palmer CBD can access more funds for research and education purposes.

“People don’t really understand what they are buying; they only understand what’s on the package,” she explained. “I think it will be nice to have standard regulation going from state to state, too.”

“[Right now] you just kind of have to pick and choose how you feel. It’s kind of scary for new [consumers], or elderly people who want to get into cannabis but don’t know what to expect,” added Greg.

From a business perspective, Stenny says he is most excited about the potential for social consumption.

“It would be cool for us to be seen more in settings where you and your friends can walk in, sit down and order a beverage, and hang out,” Stenny said.

Growing with Mary Palmer

In the course of the conversation with The Cold Truth, Stenny and Lynne tackled a wide range of topics, from working together as a couple to tackling the challenges of the cannabis industry together. And while there is no right or wrong way to grow, Stenny and Lynne say, it does take planning and consistency.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” Stenny noted.

For more information about Mary Palmer, follow the brand on social media at @whoismarypalmer.
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