Dry and Cure Cannabis In As Little As 24 Hours

Cryo Cure’s patent-pending technologies and methodologies are to eliminate the human error that can occur during the cannabis curing and drying process.

The machines are pre-programmed for low moisture content while preserving the terpenes and trichomes. Use the built-in Homer touch screen to easily choose your settings, and use the WiFi or ethernet connection to export and log data. No matter the settings chosen, your Cryo Cured cannabis results in pristine trichome preservation, unparalleled flavor and scent, and freshness that could last for up to one year on the shelf when stored properly.

Our cannabis freeze drying machine models are engineered for maximum efficiency while saving space in your facility. We also custom-build Cryo Cure machines according to your facility’s needs.

Explore our Cryo Cure models below.

Model CC360

Dry and cure between 66 and 132 pounds of wet weigh-in cannabis or hemp per cycle. With 12 to 15 hours of approximate cycle time, you’ll see results in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional drying and curing methods, while stabilizing THC content and preserving terpenes.

The CC360 is proudly manufactured in the United States, in Akron, Ohio.

  • Built in material freezer: 77°F to -30°F in under 60 minutes
  • Contains 11 radiant heat shelves with 1.9” shelf spacing
  • 12 to 15 hour cycle time, depending upon product density and selected setting
  • Touch screen controller pre-programmed with Cryo Cure settings
  • Embedded web interface accessible by smartphone or computer (if connected to WAN)
  • SSR controlled 4KW heater for product shelves
  • Shelf fluid pump with variable speed drive
  • Comes with 10 food grade aluminum trays:
  • 30.75” x 38.5” (4) 22.75” x 38.5” (4) 16.5” x 38.5” (2)
  • 1 to 2 pounds wet material per square foot at 80% water content
  • 66 to 123 pounds of wet weigh-in material per cycle (approximate)
  • Ice bank capacity: 132 pounds or 60 kg
  • Manufactured with Emerson Copeland Compressor 480 VAC 18.3A 10.8 L/S vacuum pump
  • Power requirements: 480V/60Hz 3 Phase 31A
  • CC360 dimensions: 78” length by 62” width by 96” height

Model CC720

Designed for large-scale cultivation and processing facilities, the CC720 is equipped to process approximately 600 to 1,200 pounds of cannabis or hemp at a time, depending on whether the material is frozen externally before load-in.

This machine clocks in with an impressive 625 square feet of internal shelf space.

  • Preprogrammed settings for cannabis flower, hemp flower, and terpene extraction
  • Can be programmed for custom settings
  • Touch screen controls
  • PC compatible
  • Data logging feature
  • Ethernet and WiFi-enabled
  • Customized pans
  • Electric defrost enabled
  • Includes 48 food grade aluminum trays and 24 shelves
  • Machine size: 8.6 feet tall, by 15 feet long, by 6' wide
  • Product chamber size: 6' by 8'
  • Shelf space: 625 square feet
  • Wet weight in: Approx. 550 lbs.
  • Curing cycle: 24 to 36 hours, including defrost

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