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At Cryo Cure, we’re redefining what’s possible for the cannabis industry.

In this video and podcast series from Cryo Cure founders Tracee McAfee and Greg Baughman, cannabis industry myths are explored, debunked, and retold to help the world understand the ever-changing cannabis landscape.

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Episode 3 - Couples in Cannabis

This episode features Steven “DJ Stenny” Stentiford and Lynne Spinney, co-founders of award-winning Mary Palmer CBD and partners in business and love. Greg and Tracee spoke with Stenny and Lynne about what it’s like to run a CBD company as a couple and spent some time diving into what goes into quality products.

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Meet The Cold Truth by Cryo Cure Hosts

Tracee McAfee and Greg Baughman are CEO and President, respectively, of Cryo Cure.

Tracee artfully blends impressive industry experience and moxie with a passion for cannabis medicine. By envisioning, developing and executing products across new market sectors, Tracee’s diverse business background offers her a unique perspective to build and thrive in the cannabis industry.

A caregiver, cultivator, and innovator, Greg made the leap into the fast-growing, ever-evolving cannabis industry in 2014, relocating from Ohio to Michigan to become a medical cannabis caregiver and cultivator. He spent years testing, fine-tuning, and perfecting the patented Cryo Cure process into the powerhouse it is today.

Together, Tracee and Greg have shattered expectations for what’s possible in the cannabis industry, perfecting the science behind processes once thought impossible and impractical to bring to commercial scale. Now, with The Cold Truth, they’re dispelling myths to an attentive audience of cannabis experts and canna-curious folks alike who want to discern truth from fiction in this ever-growing space.


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