The 5 Most Common Cryo Cure Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

The 5 Most Common Cryo Cure Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Cryo Cure’s innovative machines and patented process make it possible to produce top shelf Live Cured Flower, perfectly preserved cannabis that offers a consumption experience like no other. However, in order to end up with Live Cured Flower, it’s important to utilize Cryo Cure’s machines properly and follow the process closely. Avoid these common mistakes when using Cryo Cure’s machines to guarantee you’ll get optimal, fresh frozen Live Cured Flower every time.

Mistakes to avoid when Cryo Curing cannabis

To achieve the unparalleled quality and preservation that Cryo Cure offers for cannabis flower, you must properly maintain the machines and follow the process correctly. Take care to avoid the following mistakes by adhering to the simple solutions below, and you can be confident that your Cryo Cure machine will turn out top shelf cannabis flower time and again.

1. Failing to check vacuum pump oil levels

Before each use, it’s important to check the oil levels in the vacuum pump to ensure there isn’t too much or too little fluid visible through the sight glass.

A common reason why there may be too much fluid is vapor pull-through, which occurs when the ice bank cannot condense the ice quickly enough. As a result, some of the vapor removed from the buds during the Cryo Cure process makes its way into the vacuum pump, where it recondenses into a liquid and raises the fluid levels in the vacuum pump. This can disrupt the vacuum in future production runs and lead to sublimation issues, preventing the optimal preservation of your cannabis flower.

On the other hand, if oil levels are too low, you run the risk of damaging components in the machine. Oil is necessary for lubricating moving parts to prevent friction and overheating. Maintaining oil levels can extend the longevity of your Cryo Cure machine and the components within it. 

Solution: Simply check oil levels regularly and change as needed. At Cryo Cure, we recommend maintaining the oil level at the halfway point of the sight glass. Additionally, the oil should appear clean and clear. If it looks cloudy or murky, you should immediately change the oil.

2. Failing to clean the seals on vacuum doors

If you don’t frequently clean the seal on your machine’s vacuum doors, it’s only a matter of time before a vapor gap forms, creating a leak and preventing the machine from creating a vacuum. Without a vacuum, the cannabis flower will effectively defrost during the cycle, damaging terpenes and bud aesthetic. Worse yet, premature defrosting often results in elevated moisture content, which increases the risk of microbial contamination from molds and mildews.

Solution: Thoroughly clean the seals on vacuum doors before and after each use of a Cryo Cure machine. During a cycle, monitor the vacuum gauge to ensure a vacuum is established before walking away from the machine.

3. Improperly freezing flower

Prior to putting your cannabis flower through a cycle in a Cryo Cure machine, it’s critical to properly freeze it.

One common mistake is not freezing biomass at low enough temperatures or for long enough durations. Freezing your cannabis at -10℉ for one hour will not be sufficient to completely freeze the moisture within the buds. For Cryo Cure’s preservation process to work, all of the moisture content must be completely frozen.

Another common error is packing the wet biomass in bags and then loading it into the freezer. When this happens, partial sublimation will occur, which  results in freezer burn. Think of a frozen steak left in the freezer for too long — it’s the same principle here. This freezer burn can damage sensitive compounds like terpenes. Once the biomass is removed from the bags, it will be stuck together in a big block that must be broken apart. This ruins the aesthetic of the buds Live Cured Flower is known for.

Solution: Ensure flower is thoroughly frozen by setting your freezer to at least -10°F. Depending on the volume of biomass you intend to freeze, you should leave your flower in the freezer for anywhere between 2 to 12 hours. The more biomass you’re freezing, the longer you should let it chill. Also, avoid freezing your buds in bags or other closed containers; instead, leave them exposed to the elements of the freezer. For best results, we recommend using WavDri Drying Trays, which easily stack and offer multiple flat surfaces to evenly spread buds for freezing.

4. Measuring moisture content and water activity incorrectly

The main objective of Cryo Cure’s process is to reduce moisture content and water activity (aW) to the ideal levels for preserving freshness, flavor, and potency for the long term. The only way to be certain that you’ve done so is to measure both moisture content and water activity with the appropriate devices.

Some producers prefer to gauge the quality of a cure by feeling the bud, and many are quite exceptional at doing so. However, if you want the absolute best results, it pays to use the right tools for precise measurement.

Solution: Always use a moisture meter and water activity meter, scientific instruments designed to precisely measure moisture content and water activity. The ideal moisture content in Cryo Cured flower is between 8% and 12%, while optimal water activity is below 0.7 aW. If you are unable to procure a moisture meter or water activity meter, leave a small section of stem on your flower when Cryo Curing it so you can perform the “snap test.” The stem of properly cured flower should pop when it’s bent. If it doesn’t, the flower is likely too wet. Similarly, if it’s extremely brittle, the flower is likely too dry.

5. Using low quality cannabis

This mistake is as simple as the old adage “garbage in, garbage out.” If you want to end up with high quality Cryo Cured flower, you need to start with high quality, fresh cannabis. Cryo Cure is best to make top shelf flower better. This process excels at preserving cannabinoids, terpenes, and the aesthetic of the bud, but these elements need to be worth preserving if you’re hoping to produce true Live Cured Flower

Solution: Don’t use Cryo Cure on mids and expect the machine to magically turn it into fire.

The Cryo Cure process results in quality, every time

Cryo Cure machines are designed to simplify, improve, and expedite the drying and curing process, but they’re not a magic bullet. In order to get the best results, it’s critical to properly maintain your machine and adhere to Cryo Cure’s patented process. By keeping the five mistakes listed above in mind, and the simple solutions that can help you avoid them, you’ll be well on your way to producing top shelf flower quickly and easily. 

If you’re interested in how Cryo Cure can help you level up your cannabis flower, check out our selection of Cryo Cure machines. Whether you’re a craft grower or commercial producer, there’s a Cryo Cure model for you. We promise after your first cycle, you’ll be amazed by the difference Cryo Cure makes.

Cryo Cure Machines Comparison Guide

Cryo Cure Machines Comparison Guide

Drying and curing has long been a time-consuming process that naturally leads to the degradation of some terpenes and cannabinoids. Enter Cryo Cure, a patented process which skips the hanging phase of drying and reduces time spent from weeks to less than a day. The results are flavorful, potent, and beautiful.

From craft growers to large scale operations, we have Cryo Cure machines for growers of every scale. This guide will introduce you to each Cryo Cure machine, explaining each one’s capabilities and the kind of operator it’s best for when drying and curing premium cannabis flower.

Which Cryo Cure machine is right for you?

Whatever the scale of your cannabis grow, there’s a Cryo Cure machine for you. From the various high capacity models to the small scale CC260, Cryo Cure is dedicated to serving every type of grower and providing the necessary tools to produce exceptional flower.

Here’s a closer look at the Cryo Cure machines that are available today and the features each offers.

High capacity machines

Cryo Cure offers three high capacity machines. Each one offers the same set of features at different sizes. These machines include:

  • HC4: The HC4 holds four roll-in racks and accommodates approximately 400 pounds of wet cannabis biomass. This machine features a Leybold model SP630 vacuum system and a chamber footprint is 8’ x 9’, making it the most compact high capacity machine Cryo Cure offers.
  • HC7: The HC7 holds seven roll-in racks and accommodates approximately 700 pounds of wet cannabis biomass. This machine features a Leybold model SP630/1001 vacuum system and a slightly smaller chamber footprint than the HC4 at 8’ x 15’.
  • HC10: The HC10 holds 10 roll-in racks and accommodates approximately 1,050 pounds of wet cannabis biomass. This machine features a Leybold model SP630/1001 vacuum system and a chamber footprint of 8’ x 21’.

Each high capacity machine features an easy load-in, load-out system that incorporates trays and rolling racks to make it easy to load and remove your cannabis from the machine. Each rolling rack includes 35 shelves and can be easily rolled from the walk-in freezer essential to prepping flower for the process directly into your Cryo Cure machine. 

Each rack is designed to evenly dry and cure your cannabis flower and includes embedded temperature sensors and multiple independent control zones, giving you granular control over the entire drying and curing process. They are also designed to allow the removal of product while the machine is processing another batch, allowing for maximum efficiency.

Each high capacity machine has features designed to expedite processing time of each batch while still producing perfectly preserved top shelf flower. Programming the machine is as simple as using your smartphone or tablet to tailor each stage of the process to your exact specifications. Additionally, every high capacity machine is capable of reaching -40°F.

High Capacity Pilot

For those who want to give Cryo Cure a try, we offer a High Capacity Pilot machine, the perfect introduction to our advanced capabilities.

The High Capacity Pilot can process up to 30 wet pounds of cannabis in a 12 to 16 hour cycle at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 20°F. The machine includes one temperature control zone and two temperature sensors for monitoring conditions during a cycle. It’s also more compact than the other high capacity machines, with a chamber footprint of 3’ x 3’. 

The High Capacity Pilot includes open-source programming accessible via wireless devices like smartphones or tablets, as well as 96 user programmable recipes to tailor your cycle to the precise specifications needed to maximize the preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids in your flower. Additionally, the High Capacity Pilot offers password-level protection for operator access and a native VPN and web-based Groov View interface.


The CC260 brings Cryo Cure power to small scale cultivators. This machine fits up to 20 wet pounds of cannabis and can complete the drying and curing process in as few as 11 hours. You won’t need a ton of floor space for the CC260 either: this machine has a super compact chamber footprint of 4’ x 3’. Despite this small size, the CC260 still includes six built-in drawers and comes equipped with three Cryo Cure “recipes” for perfect flower. And, like all other Cryo Cure machines, the CC260 offers customizable settings so you can tailor your machine to suit your process and workflow.

How do Cryo Cure machines work?

Whichever Cryo Cure machine you choose, the process of drying and curing your cannabis with Cryo Cure remains the same. By following this simple, five step process, you can reduce your drying and curing time from weeks to less than 24 hours. Here’s how it works.

1. Freezing

Before you can cure your cannabis, you need to freeze it. We recommend freezing your biomass at temperatures between -20°F and -30°F for at least 10 hours to be absolutely sure your cannabis is totally frozen.

Some Cryo Cure machines offer a built-in freezer, but you can also use a separate freezer so long as it can reach temperatures of -10°F or lower. It’s critical that all the moisture in your cannabis biomass is completely frozen before beginning a cycle in order to achieve the best results.

2. Vacuum pressure

Once frozen, load your cannabis into your Cryo Cure machine and confirm the settings are to your liking. Begin the cycle and confirm that vacuum pressure is achieved. Once the cannabis is under vacuum pressure, it will create the conditions necessary for stage three: sublimation.

3. Sublimation

Sublimation occurs when a solid is turned directly into a gas, skipping the liquid phase. In this case, Cryo Cure machines are converting ice into water vapor. Cryo Cure uses controlled radiant heat during this process, removing the optimal amount of moisture from the flower without damaging terpene or cannabinoid content.

4. Condensation

The water vapor that is removed from the flower is condensed back into a solid and collected in the machine’s ice bank. This keeps it away from the flower to avoid reabsorption or the risk of microbial contamination by molds and mildews. 

5. Defrost

After the moisture is removed from your cannabis during the sublimation process, the final step is to defrost the ice in the ice bank. It’s then drained and collected as a hydrosol liquid. Any terpenes extracted from the flower can be separated from the hydrosol liquid and used in manufactured products like vape pens and oils, so literally none of your valuable compounds are wasted.

Once this process is completed, your cannabis flower should be perfectly preserved. Cryo Cured flower has a shelf life of up to two years when properly preserved in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry area. Cryo Cured flower retains the maximum amount of terpenes and cannabinoids for a flavorful and potent consumption experience, and offers the perfect consistency to break it apart in your hands — no grinder necessary!

How does Cryo Cure differ from freeze dryers?

A common misconception is that freeze dryers can attain the same results as Cryo Cure, but our machines are specially designed to achieve optimal preservation without degrading the quality of the flower. Freeze dryers cannot do the same. 

Freeze dryers are designed to nearly eliminate all moisture, leaving cannabis flower with just 0% to 1% moisture content. That’s great for apple chips, but terrible for cannabis, which needs some moisture. Cannabis run through traditional freeze dryers turns out brittle, difficult to handle, and harsh to consume. It’s also a sub-optimal way to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids, potentially damaging some of these valuable compounds in the process.

Cryo Cure’s vacuum-driven process, on the other hand, leaves cannabis flower with between 8% and 12% moisture content and a water activity (aW) level below 0.7 aW. This prevents microbial contamination while keeping the consistency of the cannabis in the perfect range — you can break it apart without a grinder but it won’t crumble to dust at the slightest touch. Unlike traditional drying and curing methods, Cryo Cure maintains the just-harvested aesthetic of your buds for top notch shelf appeal. In every way, Cryo Cure beats freeze dryers.

See the Cryo Cure difference for yourself

With a range of machines for every type of grower, Cryo Cure makes top shelf flower an attainable reality for everyone. If you’re ready to see the difference Cryo Cure makes for yourself, contact us today about which machine is best for your needs. Or, if you prefer to sample Cryo Cured flower before committing to purchasing a machine, check out these testimonials from Cryo Cure customers. With Cryo Cure on your side, you’ll be producing bud that wows everyone who tries it in no time.