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Cryo Cure revolutionizes the cannabis drying and curing process, influencing every step of the cannabis pipeline along the way.

Cryo Cure’s patent-pending technologies and methodologies skip the hanging phase of drying, where human error can spoil a valuable harvest. The system dries and cures cannabis in as little as 24 hours, drastically cutting processing time from weeks to days. The resulting product is light, fluffy, and aromatic, with trichomes and terpenes intact and flavor profile preserved as if at the height of freshness.

The consumption experience is elevating and euphoric, because the Cryo Cure process stabilizes compounds and prevents degradation into delta-9 THC and CBN, the cannabinoids which cause the “couch lock” effect.

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Since 1981, Cryo Cure’s leadership has been at the forefront of game-changing innovations in several industries. President Greg Baughman and CEO Tracee McAfee have decades of experience in business, problem-solving, product development and marketing. They leverage that experience to solve some of the cannabis industry’s largest and stickiest pain points.


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