Cryo Cure Corporation team members are proud to be innovators and influencers in the cannabis, freeze drying and retail industry since 1981. Our advanced engineering efforts have made us the first in the world to offer a wide variety of freeze dry equipment, exclusively designed for the cannabis industry. After years of research and development, we are proud to offer state of the art cannabis curing solutions that appeal to cultivators, processors, retailers, and consumers.


Cryo Cure is more than just a state of the art equipment provider. We offer unique brand partnership opportunities. Because our finished flower has so much consumer appeal visually and as a distinguished smoking experience, it has a unique retail placement opportunity at dispensaries. Flower and related products cured in our machines can be labeled as “Cryo Glue”, “Cryo Cookies”, and much more. 

The smoking experience delivers a truly unique high. Because of the suspended Delta 9 and CBN contained in the process, our users describe their feelings as: euphoric, motivating, and creative. Our process makes an indica feel like a sativa, and a sativa feel like a cup of coffee, it is different than anything you’ve ever smoked, pushing the limit of what is considered top shelf product.